Jeff Zittrain

Jeff Zittrain

 Berkeley, California, USA

Jeff Zittrain creates transcendent powerful rock that combines heartfelt meaningful songwriting with remarkable guitar playing in both exciting electric jams and bare bones acoustic roots.


Jeff is currently finding success leading the Z-Trane Electric Band as both a rocking electric trio and as a stripped-down acoustic duo with guitar and bass. They have wowed crowds in venues throughout the Bay Area, including the Mystic Theater, Starry Plough, Rockit Room, Fillmore Poster Room, Kimo's, Connecticut Yankee, Fort Mason, and Pier 23.

Combining meaningful songwriting with soulful heartfelt improvisation and experimentation "the band jams with intensity and vision" (Relix Magazine). Along with Jeff, drummer Patrick Friedman and bassist/vocalist Eric Podolsky (also known for his work on Jambase) have established Z-Trane as a band known for impressive chops in the service of passionate, powerful, smart music, recently earning them a streaming slot on the Rex Foundation website. They also welcome distinguished guests such as former JGB bassist Rob Wenig and saxophonist Eric Schultz.

Z-Trane shows draw on an extensive catalogue of past and present material. As the primary songwriter in Famous Last Words Jeff released two cd's, receiving an All Music Guide 4 Stars, a CD Baby Editors Pick, a feature on NBC TV and in Relix Magazine and was voted by the staff at KyndMusic as a Top 10 Bands to Watch in 06. He also has received features and reviews in Hittin' the Note and An Honest Tune, and has been invited to perform at Neil Young's Living With War Hootenany, The San Francisco Folk Festival, The British Invasion Showcase, and the prestigious Music and Dance Collaboration Project, where he graced the program's cover.

In the midst of all that excitement Jeff, who's shared a bill with Steve Kimock, Carlos Santana, Mike Gordon, Leo Kottke, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Leftover Salmon, Little Feat, Derek Trucks and Eliza Gilkyson, has continued playing select shows throughout the Bay Area highlighting his guitar playing with both Z-Trane and his new side-project Flaming Telepaths (exploring the music of Blue Oyster Cult) and signed with KyndManagement out of Washington D.C. and Spirit Vibrations Booking.



Written By: Jeff Zittrain

You find yourself another world
Hold it in your hands
Or it unfurls
You played and smiled on the beach
Laughing with your mom
Just out of reach
She left you with a lullaby
Ooh-wah ooh-wah-ee

In this place your spirit's free
But if you fall don't follow me

The time has come to live again
Castles in the air return to sand
Your bucket and your buried gold
Walk across the waves
Into your soul
I'll leave you with this lullaby
Ooh-wah ooh-wah-ee


Written By: Jeff Zittrain

©2004 Jeff Zittrain

And I dreamed we lost our way
And the people couldn't see
Their eyes were closed by the fear that rose
From a great catastrophe

And the fear was spread by leaders
With an agenda and a plan
We were easy marks and they took our hearts
We played right into their hands

And I dreamed the tv stations
And the print and radio
Had all lost their voice and their right of choice
And were hijacked in the show

And the shows were all for war
And the lies were piled deep
I'm not satisfied if the ones who died
Won’t revive us from our sleep

In the shadow of the bomb
In the shadow of the end
They will waste our lives and control the skies
And they'll steal this land again

And I dreamed that all the people
Were just monsters underneath
Lift the face and show there’s a skull below
It grins life and death for each

But I know we’ve gotta choose
When I'm looking back at you
And my eyes meet yours and our mortal cores
Know the meanings that are true

And the meanings that are true
Will destroy the lies and hate
We will banish those that we never chose
And from this dream awake


Famous Last Words (with Famous Last Words)
Underground Acoustic (with Famous Last Words)
Personal Demons (with Personal Demons)
Banish (single included on "Voices in the Wilderness" compilation cd)
United Sheep (Jeff produced this cd and plays guitar on 3 tracks)

"Lullaby" sold to NBC-TV
Streaming and Radio Airplay for "Matter of Time", "Sloe Hank", "Lullaby", "1928 Z-trane", "Banish"

Set List

The Z-Trane Electric Band mixes Jeff's originals with some choice covers spanning artists from Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan to Blue Oyster Cult to Santana to the Grateful Dead. A recent setlist was:

Folsom Prison Blues
Playing Heaven
Bloody Knife
Heavenly Arms
Gypsy Queen>Soul Sacrifice
Matter of Time>
The Other One>
Everybody Needs a Crutch
Don't Fear the Reaper
Born Under a Bad Sign
All Along the Watchtower

Flaming Telepaths play the music of Blue Oyster Cult, including both the big hits and the gems for dedicated fans.

Don't Fear the Reaper
Burnin' for You
Dominance and Submission
Buck's Boogie
Harvester of Eyes
The Red and the Black
Last Days of May
Veteran of the Psychic Wars
Take Me Away
Revenge of Vera Gemini