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jehovah's soldier

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I rap the true stuff the stuff of jesus christ. Ilove to rap and Im working on some very solid things. I love jesus christ and he is in all my lyrics.


im a young christain rapper that wants to take my matirials to the next level i want to show people that jesus christ still does live and he alwayse will through my writing. Iwas born on jan 18 1992 ive lived in beautiful glandal az my whole life and i alwayse had a passion for rapping. I didnt really persue anything until a brother in christ came to me and said im starting a rap group for the church. do you want to be in it, i accepted. my first couple of song werent so well but now i can rap off my head, i go to and have gone to the door chrisian fellowship church my whole life were penicostle. Now im trying to make somthing of myself tryin to get my name out there and preach the wotd of god or should i say rap the word of god. Ilove my family ( I live wit both parents) all five brothers, me nephews and neices and cousins.


Im prayin for a friend

Written By: jehovah's soldier (David Torres)

(song 2) beat # 12 Jehovah’s
One day when I was walkin
My homies and I were talkin
A preacher came by and he told us about jesus
And how he want to please us
So we listened and
Sinner: (what then)
He told us of a mission
And he gave us a vision
Sinner: (what was the vision mayn)
I saw people big and small
God was judgen em all
He was separating them heaven and hell
Heaven was peaceful hell looked like a kill
Sinner: (heaven and hell??)
Yeah you see all the people that praise the one and only “G”
Went to heaven
And all the other peasants
Well lets just say they didn’t have that blessin

Sinner: (man I don’t want to hear all that church stuff bra its late I got to go night man)
Christian: (yeah I guess man but im serious gotta listen to me)

Lord god im prayin for my friend
Pray his evil ways you’ll mend
Lord I praise you and lift you up
And I know that you’ll show up and do works in his life
Pray that’s you’d touch his kids and touch his wife
Pray that you’d multiply the fruit
That would be nice

Christian: ( a man a let me talk to a little more about yesterday)
Sinner: ( nah man I gotta to got ima be late)
Christian: (c’mon man just hear me out just hear me out)
Sinner: ( aight make it quick)

You see jesus saved my life
I no longer get into fights
I no longer endanger my life
For those nonsense things
I no longer get the girls and
Try the get the bling
What we do in this life determines if we get presents or sting
You see god on the top sent his only son to die on the cross
Even though he was the boss he did it for us
He loved us so much
That he did such
He wants to save you from the burning pits of hell and give you eternal life (ring a bell)
Sinner: (for real man he did that for me)
Christian: ( yah he did that for you)
Sinner: ( wait why would he do that for me and I cant get saved he’ll never accept me I’ve done so many bad things bro I just can do it)

He did it for us cause we were created in his image
Man give your life to christ this the real deal aint no scrimage
He did it for us because he had undying love
On the cross that day jesus shed hid blood and saved us from our sin
See he loves you but he hates your sin
And when you turn to him hell clean and clensed
So now your ready to enter heaven
So come as your are that’s what the bible says
So don’t go to the club come to church instead

Sinner: ( a what do I gotta do to be you know saved)
Christian: ( hah I thaught you never ask)

Just say a simple prayer tell him your sorry
Hell forgive you of your sins and make you awesome like omarie

Sinner: (a thanks bra ill be at church tomorrow )
Christian: ( yah were your Sunday clothes)

praise to Him

Written By: jehovah's soldier (David Torres)

(Song one) beat # 5 Jehovah’s
Its time to praise Jesus
so He can come receive us
So he can retrieve us
we need to heed Him
Believe em
trust him
and seek em
Believe him
his name is Jehovah
Let god take over
listen what I told ya
God is the only one who can save your soul
he died on the cross just to make you whole
whether your religious, mormon, Jehovah’s witness or catholic
God can save from being a sin addict
whether your white, Mexican, Chinese or black
God will guard you from the dirty devils attack
No need to trust in cars no need to trust in bars
God is the only one that can change your life
His soul took your sin
His pain took your strife
Jesus took your sin and covered it in his blood
The devil took your soul buried it in the mud
God the father our savior Jesus Christ
He healed your body saved your soul
gave everlasting life
you need to praise Christ
Give him your all cause he paid the biggest price
His soul And his life
But he’s alive again
And he’ll be there to the end

Let’s bow down to the king of kings
Praise the lord
He’s the lord of everything
He loves us all
But he hates our sin
If you have sin in your soul
He wont let you in
To the kingdom of heaven
that’s greater than earth
God knew you were coming
Even before your birth
God has a plan for your life
cause he knows what your worth
He knows that you hurt
Reading the bible
Is like feeding your soul
Your soul gets filled
don’t let the devil control
Now worship the lord
He filled your soul
made you whole
Made you bold
Saved you from the cold
Made you from dust and mold
So give the lord your all
Preach it in the streets
And preach it in the mall
Tell em about Christ
How he helped you stand tall
How He helped you through it all
How he didn’t let you fall
Praise the lord ya’ll

Lets go here we go
Lets call upon the lord
Give him your heart your mind body and soul
God will give you the energy to get up and go
So praise the lord
For his love his strength his wisdom and his word
get on your knees and pray some you herd
Open The Book and read his great word
That he’s given to us willingly
God is trying to teach us will we see
Give em the glory
He helped me write this story
Got saved was running fast
As a matter a fact
I was packin them tracks inside my backpack
I was preaching the word I wasn’t scared
God had my back
From church them flyers I would take a whole stack
didn’t really know what I was doing
Cause I first got saved
Thought the road would be easy nice and paved
Thought it would be smooth like after you shave
But it wasn’t all smooth
After people reacted
I decided to quit and lose
The devil won that battle
He knocked me off my saddle
I gave up cause it wasn’t easy as pie
But now I realize
God has a greater prize
Than anything that gets your eyes
So keep your eyes on christ christ

(chorus song one)
Here is the end
God saved your soul
You made it to heaven
And it blew your mind like whoa
Up there the time seems slow
A second seems years
There is no more tears
A year seems seconds
There’s never ending blessing
Rejoice and praise the lord
Because you played your role
Life is about heaven
Not making dough
You have sin in your soul
What do I say
Uh-Oh UH-Oh (2x)


I have two single but i need to get them mp3 so i can get them on here so my epk is curently under construction so thats that