Vox reminiscent of early Misfits & Tiger Army, Drums like Grohl, Mike Dirnt Bass vibe, occasional moments of Red Fang & hints of Skynyrd.

Feel good rock punk band.


JEKKEL is a hot and fast four-piece rock outfit hailing from the desert region of Southern California. They aim to have a good fuckin' time & their crowds know it. They began in 1997 as a brother-sister-best friend trio with Jim Cathcart on guitars, his sister Katie Cathcart on drums, and their longtime childhood friend, Laramie Eve on bass. The group played for several years working on their roots, writing music and performing up and down Southern California. Now, some years later, they’ve revamped their sound & welcomed their fourth member to the group, Jacob Miller on lead guitar. A new EP is expected early 2013, accompanied by live shows. JEKKEL is here with an insatiable hunger for music and can’t wait to share it with you.


New EP on the way (3 or 4 full lengths behind that)

Set List

Changes every show, been known to throw in a Misfits tune or another good cover here or there.