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Je'kob is what the result would be If Bill withers and Aretha Frankliin got married and had Jimmy Hendrix, and then he married missy elliot and they had a wonderful baby boy.

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(Lilao) Love is like an ocean

Written By: Jacob Washington

Love is like an ocean-

When I say that I care about you, You'll say that I know you do. you gotta know I wanna see you smile, thats why you know I gotta spit the truth. What your looking for is real. Love is waiting on the hill. and If you really want to know, you will have to take it slow. you will have to take it slow.

True love is like the ocean, Like every shade of blue , and every time I feel it , I don't know what to do... but smile.

Verse 2:(Rap)
Listen loves like checkers or a game a chess or betta yet it's like the ruckers, on the concrete pavement I wonder where the days went, finding true love is like finding a freezin caveman. Ha buried deep, in soul man - why... is it buried deep in the soil of life. everybodys tryna find the right person, everybody's in the club straight lurkin, when they should be prayin up in church an, and tryna live monday like sundays sermons. you know that dats real, I spit from the heart meeting lauryn on the hill. Whoah Call me crazy but I want yall to know dat, you aint gotta walk with the world like they told ya, can find a gem if ya want to, but when you find that gem will it want you - check yourself.

you can rest assured- who, who, who, ..... were all beautiful people , we just need to take it slow oh oh, so we can find the love , so we can find that love.

If you really want to find that gotta first learn to love yourself. Love yourself, cause all of us have our downfalls, you aint no different than no one else.


Single - LILAO (Love is like an Ocean)