Jekus Crobe

Jekus Crobe

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Alternative/Pop/Punk with a twist. Jekus Crobe is a band that is constantly challenging themselves to be better at playing, performing, and writing their music. Crobe makes music with a powerful, passionate element and gives all listeners something to enjoy.


Jekus Crobe is a young, spirited Alternative/Pop Punk band from the Greater Boston area. For 5 years now the three young men have been working very hard to express themselves through the wonders of music while trying to create their own sound, while at the same time paying homage to the great music that has come before them. With Alex Prezzano on Vocals and Guitar, Anthony Grillo on Vocals and Guitar, and David Alaimo on Vocals and Drums, the result of these three talented musicians is that of truthful, energetic, heartfelt music. Each member brings in a unique, different quality to the band. When the gears are running their is little to stop the devotion and ambition of the band. Playing and writing music together since the ages of 13, Jekus Crobe is a band that seems to grow more and more with every new song. Their first EP "All Stars Fade' was released in the fall of 2004. For where the boys were at that time in their lives, it was a great accomplishment. 2 years later JC returns bigger, stronger, and more alive than ever with their release "In Search For Something More." being written over the course of about a year, the 8 song cd shows strong development in both the musicians attitudes, outlooks, and creativity. Loaded with catchy melodies, memorable lyrics, and plenty of passion, "In Search For Something More" does not disappoint. From the pop/punk title track, to the acoustic "Rich Man Sings the Blues", Crobe offers up an assortment of songs all of a different nature and style. from the progressive rock influenced "As We Fall From Grace" to the reggea/ska based sounds of songs like " A Few Vicious Words" and "New Dawn Rising", these boys truly show their musical diversity. Jekus Crobe is a band that never becomes complacent with past achievements. There is always something better to be accomplished. The band is proud to share with the world their latest cd for it shows the drive they have attained as a group. With a love for their fans and performing live, JC will continue to share their music with people for as long as they can. They are a band, to put it simply, who is always searching for something more musically, individually, and as a team. They are a band who would love but nothing more, than to share their music, and love, with all of you!


Life Through The Eyes Of Black + White

Written By: Alex Prezzano

Lift me up now
Bring me down
Without you here with me
I can't get around
I remember
Days we spent
Lost in your eyes
i never thought it would end

All these eyes are watching me
All your strength made me believe
From life through the eyes of black and white
but your love brought the color to my life

You've got me going crazy
It's something unbelievable
Not sure where my mind was
But now its hard to full-fill
That look in your eyes
As you looked at me
Now I'm gone and you will find
That now I am free

If Summer Calls

Written By: David Alaimo

I spent yesterday with you,
the hours pass and I still remain,
my bed spread covering my body, all that's left of yesterday,
the ceiling sings a song, a lonely tune that only breaks my heart,
and as I lay alone I reminis about the sunlight I never caught
your eyes they captured mine and i lay in captivity,
and under the moon wed paint our skins, and wed dance upon our dreams

so sorry i cant as beautiful as the sky and the trees, so sorry I cant be your beautiful.

I spent today alone lying still crying by the phone, waiting for ur call
it seems so pointless now, i guess im better off any how, i guess winter came but im, im still stuck here in the fall.

so sorry I cant be as beautiful as the sky and the trees, so sorry i cant be your beautiful

The Everyday Fight ( A Few Viscious Words)

Written By: Alex Prezzano/Anthony Grillo

Here I Am
And here is our truth
we've gone away
but we're coming back for you
In this world
It's so hard to believe
the problems you have
we all can see

the other day walking down the street
i was standing tall inside a world of make believe
hiding behind the lies i built inside my mind
i realized i gotta make use of my time


the everyday fight is to see through the lies
all in hopes that we can rid of this disguise
is this honesty or a struggle to be heard?
we won't give in to the tragedy of a few viscious words



*"All Stars Fade" 2004

*"In Search For Something More" 2006

Set List

Our Setlists can range from 20 minutes long to 90 minutes long. We will play however long or short needed. Every setlist is performed with the same amount of energy, desire, and passion. The typicl setlist is as follows:

1. In Search For Something More
2. Life Through The Eyes of Black + White
3. The Everyday Fight ( a few viscious words)
4. Knowledge ( operation ivy cover)
5. As We Fall From Grace
6. Fists of Rage
7. All Stars Fade
8. The Memory
9. If Summer Calls
10. The Fear In Pain And Trust

Cover songs:

Knowledge- operation ivy
road of the righteous- dropkick murphys
basket case- green day
when i come around- green day
all the small things- blink 182
dammit- blink 182
buddy holly-weezer
the sweater song/undone- weezer
santeria- sublime
unity-operation ivy
she's automatic- rancid
ruby soho- rancid
radio- rancid
1000 miles- the proclaimers

new covers are always coming but these are the ones we most frequently play.

* setlist is subject to chang