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"Who is Jekylnhyde?"

Who is jekylnhyde?

We figured we'd cut out the indie stuff for a week and dedicate this week's feature to all you hard rock/metal fans out there... uh... you are still out there, aren't you? Of course you are - and that's why we're bringing you a healthy dose of the music that you love, in the form of a local band called jekylnhyde.

These two boys, Colby Chase and Nate Localio, offer you a potion that's pretty potent; their music, we think, is a little high-strung - but it's addictive and high-energy, and so we're all for it.

But which musician's the doctor and which one's the, er, homicidal monster? Well, we'll leave that one up to you to decide. After all, there's a little bit of healer and a little bit of beast in all of us, isn't there? Make sure you feast your eyes on the interview below, and then go online and feast your ears on jekylnhyde's brand of dark rock.

P.S. We won't tell them it's spelled "Jekyll" (not "Jekyl") if you won't. Shhhh.

Tell us the basics: first and last names, ages, and the instrument/s you play.

Colby Chase, 21- Drums & Vocals

Nate Localio, 23- Guitar & Vocals

Where are you guys from?


When and how did the band get together?

We were introduced eight years ago in the process of starting a band. Since then, we were always in bands together. Finally, one year ago we realized that we were better off working with just the two of us, so we started jekylnhyde.

What's with the name? Tell us how you picked it.

We just liked the way the name sounded. It worked out though because we have two totally different personalities; it actually makes sense for us.

How would you describe your sound?

Hard rock with some odd time signatures.

Are there any dominant themes in your songwriting?

Really anything that comes to mind - real life and sometimes nothing really.

Do you have any finished albums yet?

Our full length album should be complete by the end of September. We will be releasing preview tracks here and there on MySpace and on Mixi (Japan) It is being produced by Eric Rachel (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Snapcase, Misfits) at Trax East Studio in New Brunswick, N.J. It will be self-released around November.

Who are your most dominant musical influences?

Mike Patton, Ruins and Les Claypool.

Where's your favorite place to play a Philly show?

The North Star Bar is a really cool place.

Any good stories from the road? Make us laugh.

We played this really crappy show in South Philly. When we got there it was a 10' by 10' bar. They charged the bands a cover. There were sooo many people there moshing in such a small area, Nate wound up getting his head kicked by someone. It was pretty funny. Nate was pissed.

What inspires you?

Good music. Beautiful women. Beer.

What song is in your head right now?

Ruins - all their songs.

Do you have day jobs, or is it full-time music?

I work in Site Development. Nate is a tree climber/lumberjack.

What happens after a typical show?

We like to party.

Close your eyes and picture where you'll be in five years. What does it look like?

Not sure. I hope touring the world with some sick bands.

Tell us a good joke! We like jokes.

We aren't very funny.

Any downfalls to being a musician?

You spend a lot of money, but it is worth every penny.

What local shows do you have coming up?

We are playing at the Khyber in Philadelphia on Aug. 15. We are opening for Today is the Day at the Sterling Hotel in Allentown on Sept. 15. We also have a handful of other shows you can find online.

Where can we find you on the Web?

Colby: or

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Jekylnhyde is definitely one of the best 2 man bands I've come across. Just 2 guys out of Philadelphia really pound out some sounds that are sure to turn some heads. Just a guitarist/vocalist and a drummer/vocalist, they really make it sound like a 4 man band. Their music blends a wide variety of styles into a perfectly packaged product containing hints of technical metal, rock and avant-garde vocals.If Dillinger, Fantomas, Melvins and Mr. Bungle had an orgy, Jekylnhyde would be their baby. They have a full length CD availble for pre sale that will hit the streets the end of December. We were lucky enough to get a copy already and it has to be the best album I've heard all year. They also have a new video that is featured in our video section. Look for these guys on tour next year throughout the US and Japan. I can't wait! - NINJA E-Zine


3 tracks

produced by Eric Rachel (Dillinger Escape Plan, Atreyu, Snapcase) not yet released
9 tracks



Jekylnhyde is a two man metal band based out of Philadelphia, PA. After over five years of experimentation, Colby Chase (Drums/Vocals) and Nate Localio (Guitar/Vocals) have created a nine track album packed with high-energy metal and rock that is one of a kind. The music is heavy enough to appeal to a metal listener and abstract enough to turn any avant-garde aficionado into a fan. The mathematical composure, heavy sound and dual vocals in songs like "Pedophile Profile" or "The Situation" will make you wonder how this can only be two individuals.

Their first album, self titled “Jekylnhyde,” was completed in October of 2007. The album
consists of nine tracks that were recorded at Trax East Studio in New Brunswick, New Jersey,
produced by Eric Rachel (Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed, A Life Once Lost) and mastered at West
West Side Music by Alan Douches. Jekylnhyde plans to release the album in early 2008 along with a supporting tour.