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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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themselves-no music of aiffs (2003)
themselves-no music. (2002)
them-s/t (2000)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jeffrey Logan was born in Chicago to two very Catholic, Detroit natives. His early musical influences were fairly wholesome¬č music like Chuck Berry, Cat Stevens and the Temptations, but inevitably and in spite of his parents' strong religious beliefs, jel quickly gravitated towards hip hop, beats and ultimately to beat-making. Influenced by everything he was listening to, jel became disenchanted with the school system. In line with early hip hop beat pioneers, jel knew he needed an SP-1200 to produce the sounds he was dreaming about. Without the means to buy one, jel found a job pumping gas at a service station until he stacked enough ends to buy his first SP-1200. With the right equipment, he soon found himself spending most of his time making beats in his bedroom and passing the tapes along to local, Chicago MCs to rhyme over. As his skills on the drum machine progressed and his record collection grew, jel's sound became increasingly complex and distinct. As his musical ambitions grew, so did his thirst for a vocalist that could keep pace with his progression. Through mutual friends he met his musical soul mate, doseone and shortly thereafter they formed the group that would come to be known as themselves.

jel is also involved in the band Subtle and has produced music for Black Thought of the Roots, DJ Krush, Mr. Dibbs, sole of anticon., Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Lali Puna, Ms John's Soda and Prince Poe of Organized Konfusion. jel is currently working on his solo project for anticon records which is due out in 2005 as well as a record with The Notwist.