J Elizabeth Hardges

J Elizabeth Hardges

 Summit, New Jersey, USA
SoloChristianSpoken Word

My poems are intended to inspire the common man to keep pushing and pressing. To let that man know that GOD is MORE THAN ABLE TO GIVE YOU AN EXCEEDING, ABUNDANTLY ABOVE LIFE!!! To encourage that man to develop and attitude of gratitude and in everything to give thanks in ALL things...


A native of Newark, New Jersey, J. Elizabeth Hardges is Christian poet, author and award winning spoken word recording artist.

She has, with GODS help, overcome many struggles in her life and has
chosen to use her gifts, talents and abilities to spread the message
that, GOD can and WILL bring you out of any situation if you let HIM.

She has copyrighted and published all of her works, "I Am Blessed", "HE
walks me through" and other more controversial pieces like "Hello Broom"
and her series of "Letters". Her goal is to reach everyone, no matter
how insignificant they feel with a message of peace, hope and love....



November 2011 - Completed cd project 'Experience A Rhema Word... Expressions'
June 2011 - Completed 'I AM BLESSED' video (made for youtube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJuilB4AoSU