Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Check out our new music video filmed in Toronto! Original guitar driven rock with catchy vocal hooks and clever insightful lyrics. Some influences - Stone Temple Pilots, Oasis, Our Lady Peace, Foo Fighters.


Jell is an original rock band from Victoria BC with a sound that focuses on guitar-driven modern rock with catchy vocal hooks and clever insightful lyrics. Jell draws on a variety of influences from bands like STP, Oasis, Neil Young, The Doors, Our Lady Peace, Foo Fighters, and Metallica. They have developed a devoted following over the past three years from constant touring, headlining shows in Victoria, Seattle, Vancouver, and producing six popular independent music videos.

In the last three years Jell has toured across Canada twice with shows in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and have opened for State of Shock and L.A. Guns. They have also toured down the west coast three times playing at both the famous Whisky a-go-go and The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles.

Jell have just completed their new EP Memory Starts to Fade with talented producer Adam Sutherland. The EP features the catchy singles Pin Me Down and Watch Yourself, as well as the haunting Nothing Left to Say. Jell's previous release Drown was long listed for 8 Grammy nominations at the 2008 Grammy Awards, in six catagories including Best Rock Album. Jell was nominated for Live Performance of the Year at the 2006 Island Music Awards, and in August 2006 they won the Coors Light Battle of the Bands at Jungle Nightclub. In October they became the Band of the Month on the major Victoria radio station 91.3 the Zone, featuring the single Stuck which was added to the play list and soon moved up to heavy rotation.

Jell offers music fans a fresh new rock sound that fully entertains with original guitar riffs, poetic but to the point vocals, and an overall dramatic feel.


Down the River

Written By: Rob Willey

It's getting colder,
I probably should have told her,
But I don't really know her,
I just live on the floor.

She likes cleaness,
I really wanna mean this,
her puzzle is the pieces,
don't fit anymore.

In your house, I wont care,
In your dreams, I'm still there.

It's hard to see, It's hard to see you go.
With nothing left to lose.
But you don't know.

Her body's in a blanket,
tied up with her apron,
there's no escaping, the way she kills.

But I've got this key,
and it fits so deep,
It unlocks like me, so I can not leave.

It's hard to see, it's hard to see you go,
With nothing left to lose,
But you don't know me,
like when you told me,
you'd meet me Down the River.

In your house, I wont care.
In your dreams, I'm still there.
And I'll be there when I'm gone...



Written By: Rob Willey

I wont mind,
if I see you with another guy
I wont care,
and I'll try not to look or even stare
at the heart that's open
Gun that's loaded
Pull the trigger, bite the hand
that's holding yours
I'm told it's warm but inside feels so cold

Why you comin' round, I'll
Try to give you one more chance.
Why you drag me down, you'll
Lie and it wont be your last.


You won't mind,
If I jump the ledge, or sleep outside
with the snow that's falling,
she keeps calling
back as if I wasn't there
Hear the noise and pick your poison
Cause I believe in empathy


When I get there I'll be laughing all the time
Thinking of the days we lost
to lose our minds
Reach down, right down
Take your bottle, taste the grind
I know
You know
We tried.

I wont mind
If I look at you I might go blind


Hard to Tell

Written By: Rob Willey

I know that it's late
and I know that you're tired
and this could take all night
But I'm warm by your fire
and I like the sea
not just the ocean side
I've done my time

I've got a soul
It's hard to tell
but I know that it's mine
and I'd give it all away
I've done my time

And I know that you're wrong
and I know that you're right
You know that I'm high
and I know that you're wired
I'm drunk off your words
or off your kindness
I've done my time

I've got a soul
It's hard to tell
but I know that it's mine
and I'd give it all away
I've done my time

I've got a soul
It's hard to tell
But I know that you're mine
and I'd give it all away
We've done our time

I know that it's late
and I know that you're tired
and this could take all night
this could take all night.

Awake (Lost Weekend)

Written By: Rob Willey

Hey what you wanna say
Got one foot in the grave
the other one is dancing
in the sand with enemies
Stop pretending like you never feel alone
and your friends have gone home

When you lie awake in bed
Do you think of what they’ve said
or do you wait until tomorrow
with thoughts not filled with sorrow
On a lost weekend

Dream of what you’ve never seen
just in a magazine that you always keep under your
pillow just for fun
slight delirium
act like everyone never feels let down
and your feet don’t touch the ground


Once you let in you won’t regret it
If it changes me it changes you


Do you lie awake in bed


EP - Memory Starts to Fade 2009
LP - Drown 2007
EP - "Stuck" 2005

Set List

Jell Gig List

June 25/09 Logan's Pub, Victoria BC
May 21/09 Evolution Nightclub, Victoria BC
March 12/09 Logan's Pub, Victoria BC
Jan. 14/09 The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON
Jan. 03/09 Sugar Nightclub, Victoria BC
Sept. 23/08 Sugar Nightclub, Victoria BC
Aug. 31/08 Logan's Pub, Victoria BC
June 06/08 Sugar Nightclub (CD release party) Victoria BC
April 10/08 Evolution Nightclub, Victoria BC
April 8/08 The Media Club, Vancouver BC
March 5/08 710 Beach Club, San Diego CA
March. 01/07 The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles CA
Feb. 29/08 The Freakin’ Frog, Las Vegas NV
Dec. 27/07 Steamers Pub, Victoria BC
Nov.10/07 Steamer's Pub, Victoria BC
Oct.18/07 Evolution Nightclub, Victoria BC
Aug.31/07 Steamer’s Pub, Victoria BC
July 27/07 Logan’s Pub, Victoria BC

July 13/07 Joe and Andy’s , San Diego CA
July 11/07 The Freakin’ Frog, Las Vegas NV
July 09/07 The Gig Hollywood, Los Angeles CA
July 08/07 Whisky a go go, Los Angeles CA
July 07/07 710 Beach Clu