Jello Christ

Jello Christ


Soulful, groovy, but unconventional. Carefully structured songs set to explorational, blues based guitar playing.


I started out looking up to Hendrix and SRV, bluesy guitar soloing. Playing mostly alone, I got bored with soloing to no rhythm section and began looking to old delta blues, folk, flamenco, classical, and my own imagination to create fuller arangements that could be played by myself on guitar. Finally, I began molding old poems I had written around my compositions. My vocals are deeply influenced by 50s and 60s soul music. However, with everything, I try to be inspired by my idols rather than try to copy their style verbatim.

The album "Whistlin Charlie" is electric versions of these songs, with a powerful rhythm section.


Coconut Milk(Shake)

Written By: Jonathan Caplan

Waiting for a time when it is never dull
Pushed across a line don't think I ever saw
To say the things
All want to say
And wash their cursed souls
Right down the drain
And be immersed in and
Breath piety
Until the lawmen
Catch up with me

I can't wait on it
I can't wait on it
I can't wait on it
To prove

I've just myself
For me to blame
I've wasted lives as
Pawns in my game
But what's the use when we
All end the same?
Stuck underground or knelt and
Praising His name

I can't wait on it
I can't wait on it
Cause if you wait on it
You lose


Written By: Jonathan Caplan

I arm myself with the weapon of "why?"
I slice through the pulp and shoot holes through their eyes
Expose the blank backdrop of folly and lies
Clear the leaves from the drain
Wipe the clouds from the sky


Listen to myself or hear the
Voice behind my neck or appease the
Devil on my left shoulder yeah
He always seems to know what's right for me
But he won't let me be

I have to get going cause this place is overflowing with my picture
Pinch me I'm dreaming, I am seeing and believing missions grow
I wrote you a letter, call me when you get it, leave a message
What do I say when I'm the one to whom they pray? "Take a number?"

Don't stay up I'll be till the morning
I'll be going somewhere I won't say
Give me answers, give me some truth
Tired of seeing your face's empty stare
A new world waits for me down the road
Gravelly and rough, pave my way
Light the fuse and then you leave without warning
Take me with you somewhere, anywhere, I don't care where

chorus x 2


"Whistlin' Charlie" - 2009

Set List

Chosen from 17 originals and 5-10 covers. I can 90 solid minutes.