Jelly jams with upbeat folk rock, grooves with soulful ballads and is quickly becoming a favorite among north bay music aficionados.


Within the last year, we have performed with members of Rat Dog (Bob Weir, Mark Karan, Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane, Rob Wasserman), Stu Allen (JGB), Pat Nevins (Workingman's Ed), Jimmy Dillon, Tracey Blackman, an Cole Tate. Our band plays a blend of original music influenced by and makes tributes to musicians such as the Grateful Dead, Townes Van Zandt, Paul Weller, and Bob Schneider. We bring forward our skills and experiences from several genres (jazz, classical, rock, folk) and blend them into a cohesive yet exploratory soundscape that many listeners appreciate. Our flexible arrangement and repertiore enables us to perform intimate acoustic or large amplified venues. We recently played at Jerry Day in August at the Jerry Garcia Ampitheatre with JGB and Workingman's Ed. Check it out at:


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Set List

We have over 70 performance ready songs in our repertoire. We have done 5 hour nonstop sets at Sweetwater and routinely do 1 hour sets as well. When Bob or other members of Rat Dog join us, we easily shift into segues of the Grateful Dead repertoire intertwined with our original music.