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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Hip Hop




"JellyTooFly - performance at Dazzling"

Representing for the Ladies! My first time seeing Jelly perform was June 18th 2011 at The Flawless Fashion Show @ Dazzling Lounge. Talk about stage presence at its best! A natural performer , swag on point, and an amazing lyricist! Gotta Luv it ! Don’t be sleeping on this one… It’s Jelly B**chessssss. Check her out - Smiles

"Music Review All Black Everything - JellyTooFly"

Artist: Jelly Too Fly
Writer: Jelly Too Fly
Producer: Unknown
Mic Award: SILVER

"All Black Everything"

Jelly Too fly is definitely a new look for not just Toronto Hip-Hop, but Hip-Hop on a whole. Her stage confidence and and swagger are hard to miss and we found this out live and in colour as she too rocked the stage at a recent event we attended. Jelly's "All Black Everything" is current in sound, and sharp around the lyrics for audiences to swallow easily. What may be a little harder to swallow for some? Jelly Too Fly's sexual orientation and blunt representation of it in her lyrical content. The world has yet to see an openly lesbian female MC, and with Jelly's take no prisoners approach, she just may be the first! 'All Black Everything' was credited Silver. - VonnyTheKenDoll


“J Com-munity We got our FAM Jelly, with a teaser to her new song/video for All Black Everything. I just wanna talk about all of these haters within out city, but what they don’t realize is that the truly talented will over come that and show them whats really up, and my homie, Jelly is a prime example. I really do not think Toronto is ready for what about to go down. Well TO, get ready for some big tings to happen this summer, Jelly will be one of the many talents we have within Toronto to watch, lets use some of that hater energy to show some positive vibes to those that are out there trying harder than anyone. OK, nuff of my jiber jaber, take in the short teaser, and make sure to check out her interviews and performances on her youtube page, and don’t forget to subscribe, it will be worth it.”
- J Com, just compton clothing


Single: All black everything



Its undeniable that the music industry is in the midst of a renaissance when it comes to female rappers. While female MCs attempt to battle it out for the title of Queen of the Game, Torontos JellyTooFly intends to make her mark and take over the game. Gritty and lyrically adept at wordplay, Jelly doesnt shy away from speaking exactly whats on her mind. Instead, she uses her personal experiences to connect directly to the listener, and uses her voice to speak for those who feel they have no one to speak for them. With musical influences ranging from the raw rhyme prowess of Eminem, to the soothing soulful style of Floetry, with a taste of Wu-Tang and OutKast thrown in for good measure, Jelly definitely indentifies with their swag and style. At the age of 23, shes only been on the mic for just over year, and can already draw on the fearless onstage presence that takes many years to achieve. Getting her start in writing poetry since the age of 9, taking charge of the mic seemed to be a logical progression for this emerging artist.

Newly recently released Mixtape entitled TellEmItsJellyB**ch has been released on many blogs throughout north America, with beats provided by Toronto Producers Rich Kidd, General, Hungree, GKbeatz, Rkitek beats and Staxxx. While Jelly has been getting the city a-buzz with her newly released mixtape, JellyTooFly has performed and Headlined in 20+ shows in the past year including The Manifesto arguably Canadas largest Hip-Hop Festival also 106 and York. Jelly is also part of a feature-length documentary series following two up and coming artists one from Toronto and the other from Atlanta more information is available on Following her passion to write Jelly has been holding writing workshops for the youth at various schools throughout Toronto with much success and hosted a fundraising event for an organization HealinScars, a youth-led arts based non-for profit organization. Hungry and ambitious, shes ready to show the world that shes not your average female on the mic, and is ready to become a leader, proving that shes definitely the one to watch.

For more information on Jelly, check out and follow
her on Twitter @JellyTooFly