Jelske Wilmer

Jelske Wilmer

 Venlo, Limburg, NLD

Jazzy and funky popmusic from a 26 year old singer-songwriter, who's making music for a couple of years now. That's the summary of my first album, Breeze. I love to perform and play all the songs live on stage. Like 3voor12 wrote: "catchy popsongs, from ballads to pure funk, with enough diversity."


My name is Jelske Wilmer, a 26 year old singer-songwriter from The Netherlands, who is writing for a while now. The past few years I sang in multiple cover bands, but it was always my dream to make my own album. That dream has become reality now. The past year I made the decision to go for it and wrote 10 songs (English). After the writing of the songs and the music, I gathered band members and we went into the studio. The result; my first album, 'Breeze.' The songs on the album I would like to describe as pop music with a jazzy and funky sound. My album is out now for two moths (released June 2011) and the first gigs have already taken place. At November 9th I'm invited to sing live in the radio show on 3FM (DJ Giel Beelen), one of the biggest stations in the Netherlands. I'm very excited.


Album: Breeze 07-07-2011

Tracks that have streaming or radio airplayed at this moment:
- Breeze
- Control freak
- Wrinkled face

Set List

It's a mess
100 ideas
Control freak
Go out of my head
Please don't leave this life today
Second life
Don't forget what we have
Wrinkled face
Let you go