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PHI "the golden ratio” 2008
Production: Rogelio Jaffet
Executive Production:Rogelio Jaffet
Engineer of Recording: Randy Maximov and roger Jaffet
Voice: Maryan MG
Guitars and Voice: Rogelio Jaffet
Guitars: Fer Ayala
Bass and Contrabass: Fabio Ortega
Label: High Hopes Recording House

Equilibrio” (Balance) 2006
Production: Rogelio Jaffet & Elizabeth Vargas
Executive Production: Karla Escalante & Rogelio Jaffet
Engineer of Recording: Emilio Garcia
Voice: Karla Escalante
Guitars and Voice: Rogelio Jaffet
Guitars: Edgar Berríos Pons
Bass and Contrabass: Arquelao Ortiz
Musical invited: Mta. Sara Scurry
Mta. Carmen Fuerte
Mto. Pedro Berríos Pons
Luke Brodie
Carlos "The Texan"
Label: Noise Kontrol

PÓSTUMA (2004-2005)

“Póstuma” (Posthumous) (2004-2005)
Production: Rogelio Jaffet (to see discography)
Executive Production: Joseph Muñiz and Rogelio Jaffet
Special collaboration of Erick Y.Jimenez, in the graphical design
Guitar: Rogelio Jaffet (to see discography)
Voice: Melisa Contreras
Guitar Leader: Helí Lopez
Bass: Cristhian Tinoco
Drums: Marcos Cervantes
Label: Noise Kontrol Distributions


”Hilo Lacre” (Thread Damages)
Mexico 2002
Trakctor Studies
Production: Rogelio Jaffet (to see discography)
Engineer: Eric Chavez
with 12 subjects, letter and music of Rogelio Jaffet.
Independent Distribution
Acustic Guitar,Electric Guitar and 12 cords: Rogelio Jaffet (to see discography) Voice: Rogelio Jaffet (to see discography)
Lead Guitar: Helí Lopez
Bass: Fabián Velásquez
Drums: Fabián Rodríguez

Every single in us albums have streaming in mexican radio.



Jeltro was born in the city of Toluca, in the month of November of the 2001 (although as project exists from year 2000) in a beginning pretension of the project was to participate within the scene of the city like propositive band within the sorts of the blues and the rock. JELTRO counted in a beginning with the collaboration of the Helí Lopez guitarist , the drummer Joshua Verzunza and in the bass Erick Jiménez. In the middle of the 2001, the group changes to its appearance when integrating itself the bear Fabian Velasquez (t) and the drummer Fabian Rodriguez. Always respected by it criticizes the premises, in the 2002 record his first called album "Thread Sealing wax" with 12 songs, an independent production produced and directed by Roger Jaffet.

JELTRO during that period, also fulfilled numerous commitments in different states like: Hidalgo, Morelos, Michoacán, Nuevo Leo'n and Coahuila. In the 2003 JELTRO the album appears in the interior of the state Of Mexico promoting "Thread Sealing wax" working jointly with the IMC (Culture Institute of Mexico) and facing a new change of members, this time in the drumms Marks Cervantes and Cristhian Tinoco in the bass.

In the 2004 JELTRO it records his second album called "Posthumous", produced by Joseph Muñiz and Roger Jaffet, Posthumous comes to the public light in the 2005, under the label of Noise Kontrol.

JELTRO gives to the welcome to a new stage of changes, a totally different square that it lets grow the sound and the nucleus of the project, Karla Escalante in the Voice and keyboards, Edgar Berrios Pons in the lead guitar and Arquelao Ortiz in the bass one and electrical contrabass. Roger Jaffet remains like vocalista guitarist and besides to continue lead the project.

At the beginning of the 2006, JELTRO records his third album "BALANCE", and that come on sale in June of the same year, this new material also is endorsed by Noise Kontrol label . A new style between rock, blues, progressive jazz and, a true fusion of musical styles that is interesting for many listening. Accompanied by exceptional musicians they put the cherry to him to the pie of JELTRO like sax, joint of cords and winds, so confused mixtures that they do not allow to clarify the JELTRO style us, rock, Jazz, Fusion, symphonic rock? New progressive?

In March of the 2007 Roger Jaffet it decides to give to strong to the project leaning of but musical guests of exepcional quality, asi that forms a Joint of music barroc call "ANEKDOTTEN" that JELTRO accompany by occasional way also decides to integrate different invited musicians from the project of constant way to continue with the metamorphosis.

In January of the 2008 after one relax season forced for all the members of JELTRO and suggested by Roger Jaffet, returns to the scenes with new called album "PHI, THE GOLDEN RATIO" a project experiment that it closed I circulate of the previous album "Balance", hopes that this new material this ready one at the end of jul. under the record label will be High Hopes Project.