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"Jemiini Live at Hurricanes"

Jemiini Crushes the stage at Hurricanes Bar n Grill - Over 200 plus in attendance - Prostreamz


Still working on that hot first release.



Andrea "Jemiini" Olavarria Born May 27,1989. Female rapper who devolped a passion for music at the early age of 9 years old. Inspired by top billboard artist such as Lauren Hill Gwen stepanie, Aaliya, da brat and miss elliot. Jemiini Began Writting and recording her own music. from 9 years old till about 19 always jemiini stayed in the music scene but never persued it one hunderd percent due to the lack of support from her parents.They didnt beileve that her music was ever going to lead any where. Still young an very passion about her music, Jemiini stayed in the scene and recorded any where and any chance that she was given. In 2008 she met Tiffany "Recklezz" Vazquez and imediately hit it off. Recklezz and Jemiini shared the same passion for music. Recklezz quickly became Jemiinis right hand man and best friend for years to come, from performing at small venues together to helping Jemiini record her tracks. In 2011 Jemiini decided to take a different approach with her love of music and did it through business.Jemiini and Recklezz opened a full service recording studio by the name of The Shop Studios. Being ran 24 hours by jemiini and providing local artist anything and everything a musican could need for there project, from recording studio, video production, graphic production, dance rehersal space, cd duplications, flyers etc. About 8 months later due to lack of dedication and effort from long time, child hood friends that that Jemiini depended and expected loyalty from, caused Jemiini's dreams to come crashing down. With Recklezz and Jemiini being left to sink with there ship, this was a huge turning point for Jemiini.Losing everything she invested into her passion, feeling discourged and let down by so many. Jemiini than packed her bags and moved in with Recklezz who was living in Ft.lauderdale at the time. She spent a year out in ft.lauderdale and dissapeared from the music scene all together. Jemiini quickly fell back into society with a 9-5 routine trying to find herself.Ultimately jemiini discovered here heart was with her music.With a damaged economy Recklezz and Jemiini were faced with a financial crisis and struggling times. they were forced to move back to west palm beach to stay with family. Still under the same roof jemiini and recklezz kept eachother motivated. Jemiini performed at 2 venues, a Friend of Jemiini's by the name of David "king nyne" herbert introduced her to a production team by the name of Prostreamz LLC.Who shot her first music video of Jemiini's Remix to the popular song "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna. Within 24 hours of her first music video being released on youtube she had over 2,000 views.2 months and 12,000 views later, jemiini has performed over 15 venues been featured in 3 online magazines, started a video blog and released her very first mixtape entitled "to whom it may concern". With Jemiini's fan base growing on facebook from 200 likes to over 1700 and counting. Jemiini made a promise to herself and to her fellow team jemiini supports to continue her journey to the top at all cost. Jemiini is ready to take on the music industry, but now the question stands, is the music industry ready for jemiini?