Jemma Paige

Jemma Paige

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Jemma is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, currently residing in Sydney. She grew up surrounded by music and has developed into a promising artist and songwriter with a folk influence and passion to write and record music that exceeds the standard.


Jemma grew up in Melbourne, as the middle child of a family of seven. Her mothers side stemmed from the theater industry and her father's from a large Italian family, so there was always a need to be heard. At the age of 6 Jemma witnessed her grandmothers belly dance performance and from that moment on decided music was an appropriate form of art to dive into.
From an early age Jemma was surrounded by music and developed the desire to write and play, she took every opportunity to record and fill up songwriting books with lyrics, music and pictures. Her audiences can expect to hear catchy melodic lines, with a large focus on harmony's and lyrics which hold substance.


You Give Me Nothin'

Written By: Jemma Paige

Focusing my thoughts while your intentions never change.
Just say you 'want me just a little more than anyone'- but you won't sway. You won't say much at all.
I can see my words escape my heart before i say them.
I'll control my motives, but i cannot silence the beating that prepares another heartache for the day.

Pre ch:
Sow my love to the sky I fall like rain.

'Coz I give you my heart and you give me nothin'
and i give you my thoughts and you give me nothin'
and i give you my hand and you give me nothin' at all.

I've been cutting keys to unlock secret doors of me
and i have held my heart out open and too easy to break into.
Exposing cracks in the walls.

Pre ch:
Sow my love to the sky on stormy days.
So should i stand here holding out my heart so you can hesitate- so you can weigh it up
should i wait while watching your resistance. adding up the distance and you'll never change.

As Soon

Written By: Jemma Paige

storm comes in. meets me on the other side.
I'm rain- soaked and the wind has taken over.
I hold out, because I over-analyze the meaning.

Ive been pacing up and down this corridor for hours on end. I didn't fit the scene here,
I've been waiting. echoing your thoughts in my head.

Pre- chorus:
A pain staking attitude and i don't want to see you tonight. So i take back my thoughts today...and i'll do it as i say.

As soon as you walked in the room I left carrying all of my regrets.
As soon as you watched through my window- I was broken. I couldn't believe any word you had spoken.

here i stand, the options held in either hand- a drawn out sword- a letter with a flower
My request, for you to come back begging at my feet
Fight broke out, leave a mess it should be
Hearts debating whether we should fight or flee.
I am speaking from places i can disregard your name

reason to breathe

Written By: jemma Paige

would you come through? as im tapping away using signals and questions and encoding messages out to you.
would you bring fire? speak through what's familiar so maybe i'll realize i'm the receiver being called by you.
Pre ch:
'coz i tried to build towers but i babbled along. and i tried to make sense of the world on my own. and i tried to stand up but alas i'm as stable as a candle being lit in the wind.
and it's easier to roll over, shut the alarm than to sing.

ch 1:
will you be the reason i wake in the morning, so if i'm being swayed without warning. i still have a reason to breathe.
ch part 2:
can i see you when my day is alarming, before my decisions are dawning, will you be the reason to breathe?

I want to see you through my surroundings, despite my emotions, i'm shifting my focus back onto you.
now when i rise will you sing a song over me. will you, in my memories, change all my upcoming thoughts back onto you.

ch 1 and 2.
'coz it's easier to roll over, shut the alarm than to sing.
so will you be my song in the morning. when i rise, will you be the reason that i wake up.

when i rise with you as my motives, the start of decisions, i know the direction i walk is towards you.


Written By: jemma Paige

i'm taking the lead now. this is my time to leave.
i grew accustomed to the beating you laid down on me.
i heard the sounds of the music you played and i danced along.
in the midst of the band was the pots and the pans that you crashed and you called it 'my song'.

now it seems that my sun spoke to your moon and proved it's the brighter one.
and your days, left like rain. collecting the clouds and falling back down again.

Burning my posts one by one til there's nothing left.
Dreams and desires had dissolved into silhouettes.
The shadows moved lightly around but they don't take their steps.
and everything i believed- i could see- but alas you were never really there.

Now it seems that you cry was never my muse, never my lullaby.
and your words once confused, will hit back to you destroying all of your lies.

there were clowns in this place. they were laughing in my face.
i was called all along and distracted by your song. now this noise needs to stop and you need to go. and leave me.

i was using my feet just to tap to the beat of your drums. Be what it becomes.
and i chose to live under the sounds too familiar to see through. it's time to live louder than you.
and all that you held over me. Its time that i twist my beliefs to a love song that's going to drown you out. slowly.