jemstate is a straight forward rock band with accomplished writers and solid vocals. melodic bass lines and solid meaty guitars make this band a stand out in any venue.


Though a newly formed group, the members of Jemstate have been captivating audiences for over a decade.
Musical experiences include groups such as The McKenzies, The Heroes, The Nadas, Inner Element, Edmunds Crown and more.
Forming in the summer of 2005 Jemstate began tracing the steps of successful bands. With their experience and musicianship this band is sure to catch the eye and ear of people all over the country.

Jemstate is a straight forward rock band but don't let that fool you. Within the tightly arranged pop/rock songs are intricate rhythms and well planned harmonies. There is more than meets the eye to a Jemstate song. We would like to release the kind of albums that grow on you in phases until you can't find a reason to put in anything else.

Jemstate’s first release entitled, “Jemstate” blends melodic grooves and tight poppy guitar lines. The collaborating vocal harmonies are a nice change from today’s pop tracks.

Jemstate is a 4pc. rock band based in Des Moines Iowa. With solid grooves and excellent vocals, Jemstate’s sound rivals that of accomplished artists such as U2, Coldplay, King’s X and the Barenaked Ladies. Jemstate is known for their tight, melodic songs along with a dash of humor.

Jemstate is currently on tour in support of their self titled debut album. Kyle Munson from the Des Moines Register writes:
Des Moines band Jemstate's self-titled debut album doles out seriously catchy pop-rock grooves with lush falsetto harmonies. The danger with breezy, melodic songs such as these is veering into lightweight fluff. But this trio (bassist Jeremy Richards, guitarist Brad Seidenfeld and drummer Jason Smith) has the requisite crunchy guitars to stay grounded, especially in "See Me to the Moon" and "Erasable." Fans of the Nadas will feel at home.


self titled album "jemstate" released december '06
available through itunes music store and heard locally on des moines' 106.3

Set List

the band strives to do shorter sets of original music in multiple band shows but we also offer a variety of great cover songs. we have played shows varying in length from 45 min to over 4 hours. a typical set list may look like this:

monkeywrench-foo fighters
never getting over you
see me to the moon
i don't wanna be-gavin de graw
where the streets have no name-u2
bird bath no. 2
you wanted more-tonic
looking for love-king's x
always on the run-lenny kravitz
this won't last
bird bath no. 1
the middle-jimmy eat world
interstate love song-stone temple pilots
i believe in a thing called love-the darkness