Jen is a folk/country artist with a soulful voice. Her songs will lead you on a journey through her soul. Take some Wynonna, and Janis Joplin and throw in some Joni Mitchell, and Gillian Welch then put that voice with some very soulful ballads and you have Jen!


Jen has been influenced by such great folk artist as Joni Mitchell and Nancy Griffith, country artist such as Wynonna and Reba, and bluegrass artist such as Gillian Welch, Emmy Lou Harris, and Allison Krauss. Jen has a very awesome strong voice that at times can come into her music when you least expect it and add depth to the soulfulness of her music.


Let Us Live

Written By: Jen

Let us live dear

we won’t ever fear or love my dear

The most unpleasant ones they say

The brightest sun might die today

Live every day with the joy of tomorrow

We won’t think about impending dome or linger on our sorrows

Oh and all the love that you gave

Not a thing can not take away

I will have it in my heart my dear

Even when I hit the grave

Oh a thousand and a hundred score
And a hundred and a thousand more

Oh these love songs I will sing to you

To let you know my love is true


Self titled demo

Set List

Majority of set list is original compositions.

Set list vaires but one example might be:

New years Eve
Don't Grow Up So Fast
Sleepless Nights
Storms A Brewin
Feel Young Again
Slow Watlz
I wonder
Let Us Live

Set 2

Will She Ever Be Able
Don't Know How It Happened
Expect The Unexpected
Broken Branches
Ugly Girl
Little Song
Bobby McGee
Red Clay Halo

2 set about 30 min. each