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"Jenae " a place among the fallen""

Jenae's "A Place Among The Fallen" is an enchanting work of power & melodic nuance. At times, this Canadian artist's work is of subtle textures. Yet always with an ample supply of emotive hooks & creative arrangements. Accents with acoustic guitars & piano; To electric guitar work of superior quality & Jenae's vibrant vocals, are an ever present gift to behold in it's vulnerability, strength & sincerity of purpose
"I (Don't Want To)" is a great dynamic cut crossing streams of rock, folk & pop in a fluid guitar driven river of cascading audio light; Whereas on tunes such as "Falter" , Jenae exhibits a melancholy & atmospheric focus that is both thought provoking & quasi-folk-gothic

"Lie" shadows an introspective acoustic guitar mode in the verse, with inner lyrical musings of longing that transmutes into a bold chorus. Coupled with songs like "Thunder" & "Break" , it becomes apparent that Jenae music is uniquely crafted & emotionally telling in a dramatic introspective manner

Cuts like "Inside" mix alternate rythmic patterns with a vocal urgency that is Jenae's trademark. The chromatic construction of Jenae's music contrast with production flourishes in songs like "Flying" ; This highlights an obvious talent & inspiration, that is essential in its ability to transform with a fearlessness that is refreshingly mature for such a young & gifted artist

"She" is a wonderful song with fantastic chord progressions of major sevenths, that rise to a strong hook that segues back to the verse & a haunting string background. To understand the moods & messages of Jenae as an artist , is an interactive experience that enthralls both the performer & the audience in symbiosis

Jenae is a complex & perplexing mystifier of sonic attributes. Her sometimes harmonic layered vocals have a wide range of expression, flavor & mood. The hypnotic pseudo-orchestrations that filter through at points in her music, serve to enhance the warm & striking quality of her vocal presence. Jenae is surely & fatalistically a rising star upon the musical horizon

"There's A Reality To This"

There's a reality to this, a reality that I have rarely felt in music. There's a sensuality to this, a sensuality that draws you into the reality being created by the songs, songs that at times literally take your breath away. Like a siren calling from a distant shore, your heart beats hard in your chest, you feel your soul moving inside, apprehension, you clinch the rails and hold on.
The songs are timeless, and have a strength, a strength even is the softest movements, that just will not let you turn away. The voice is mystical in its weaving of the stories that will find a place in you and speak to you like old friends.

That's it! Old friends, that's what I feel as I sit here a 4 a.m. still entranced and captivated by the flowing mist in the form of song, like wings quietly fluttering around me and when I turn to see, they are there, yet at the edge of my reach.
Sensual, I know I used that word already, but sensual it is, making your body start to sway slowly as it takes you. Your thoughts disappear into a misty place you know you have been before but can never know just where it is.

The music is indeed touched by the muses, from the soulful spiraling of the music and voice to the very well written and meaningful lyrics.

So far, I have only spoke of Jenae, and I must now speak of the band and the production itself. Powerful mechanics going on here as well as mysticism.

It's really great to hear what appears to be a full set of musicians putting this all together. In a world of one piece bands, myself included, it's truly good to hear artists working off of each other the way these folks seem to be doing. The major advantage of playing with several other musicians is that natural feel that is so hard to capture when you are creating on your own, or when you are recording with others one track/instrument at a time.

These folks might be doing just that, but it sure doesn't feel that way. Very interactive feel to this, this music that ranges from a powerful classic rock feel, to a soulful, bluesy jazz and passing many points in between to create a powerful alternative genre of its own.

Also a nice treat added to the collection; Jenae joining up with another Canadian female vocalist; Naomi, a power in her own right. The two do some excellent weaving together and should truly think about doing it some more. Both thoroughly enjoyable on their own, and doubly so together.

I just don't really have anything bad to say about any of this. Those of you who know me, know I only review music I like, and don't normally look for any downsides, but I can honestly say it wouldn't do me any good to look for them here, there are no downsides.

Jenae, truly a well flowing over with many, many songs, all powerful, all sensual, all a cut above, filled with a soulfulness that with fill you as well while it takes you into a deeper place and lifts your spirit higher and higher.

Great music, make sure you stop over and check it ALL out!

- Article Written by Bill Bruedigam Indie River


None have been released but she is currently recording finals in the studio. Thunder is complete check it out online


Feeling a bit camera shy



Jenae has been singing since the young age of two. Currently she has over 200 songs written. Jenae is constantly in the studio recording idea after idea. Most people decribe Jenae’s voice as transcendent. Her melody lines are moving and are very deep. Jenae has been told by many that her music inspires them. Jenae’s main influences are Sarah Mclachlan, U2, Depeche Mode, Yaz and Tori Amos.