Jenae Raquel

Jenae Raquel

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Another great female hip hop artist who's music is inticing to every generatation. Her innovative style and inescapable production skills will soon have your vote for artist of the year.


Jenae Raquel has been performing, writing, recording and promoting her music for nearly eleven years. She is influened by musical geniuses such as: De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu and MC Lyte, who Jenae says, "made me want to rap." Jarobi, of Tribe Called Quest, is amazed by Jenae's sound and says that her song "Ride For Me" will be a commercial hit. Jenae will begin touring in April 2004 to promote her first full length debut. Album is set to be released on April 30.


Jenae Raquel is currently promoting her debut full length release with her promotional sampler which includes songs from the album.

Set List

Typical set lists are not typical for Jenae Raquel as she has performed sets of 5 songs and sets of 17 songs. Her music appeals to vast audiences whoes ages vary from teens to mature adults.