Jen & Abby

Jen & Abby


If you took Ani Difranco added a handful of Jenny Lewis blended it up and served it to Patty Griffin with a smile and a story, you would have Jen & Abby.


The story of Jen and Abby…
In April of 2005, a young talented musician with an Ovation met a young talented actor with some poems in a Starbucks on Hollywood Blvd. The young musician, having played for over 10 years, was hesitant about writing with the young actor, but she decided to meet with her once, and then tell her that it wasn’t going to work out. They met days later at the musician's little apartment in Valley Village and a little over an hour after they started ‘jamming’ had two songs under their belt. One of those songs has traveled with them all the way to their first album. In May of 2005, the musician and actor played their first gig and truly haven’t looked back.
Jen, the musician, and Abby, the actor, have played out at some well-known Los Angeles venues such as The Roxy, The Viper Room, Room 5, and their favorite spot, Hotel Café. They have had songs placed on Gilmore Girls and most recently on the indie features ‘Weather Girl’ and ‘Let the Game Begin.’
In December of 2008, Jen and Abby plan the release of their first album Cannot Rearrange.
They feel that although the songwriting process has been one worth celebrating, their favorite outlet is live performance. And although Jen and Abby are two very different beings (kind of like a bird from the sky drawn to a fish from the water), they are bound together with one common goal, to change the world through their music, one being at a time.


Destroy Me

Written By: Words by Abby Miller

They say there are some things that are not true.
But you’re going to destroy me, aren’t you.
I stay away to protect the layers that aren’t badly bruised..
Destroy me, won’t you.

I try to stay away but something escapes me and I
Lay here with you.
I’ve lost control of my own soul and now you own so
Please destroy me, destroy me..won’t you.

I say to myself your okay but that is not true
Cause you have destroyed me, haven’t you.
And it may take years to stop these tears but until
It clears oh please, destroy me, destroy me.


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Lazy Angels

Written By: Words by Abby Miller

Billy was young and tired and tired and young
Spent his days climbing stick trees to earn a little sum
Wondered what the meaning of his life was, wanted to run, wanted to run.

He had lazy angels on his side.
Lazy Angels working on the day he died.

He met sweet Sarah at the grocery store
And our Billy didn't want to run no more.
But before he could say I do.
He had to pay his dues, he had to choose.


He went to working long hard days
Traveling for weeks at a time he stays
In a state of saddness but his money pays
for that ring.


He got up the courage but a little too late
For the sun and the climb electrified him to his fate
and sweet Sarah oh she waits, and she waits.

Let Go

Written By: Words by Abby Miller

Well the sun was starring me down.
And the sea wasn’t making no sound.
But then something whispered to me.
It said, ‘Come inside, I’ve got the love of your life.’
So I drove my car under the sun.
Into the sea, expectin someone
To come jump out from under its shell…
So I waited for the whispers to swell..
And they said

Now baby I know you’re scared and uncertain.
But if you trust me, lift the veil lift the curtain.
Then I will give you my heart and my soul.
So come on baby let go, let go.

Well he came out from under his rock.
Said he’d been waiting for me, watchin his clock.
Then he floated up onto the hood of my car.
And we drove through the sea, through them stars..
And he said


Well the sun was starring you down.
You found my car
You asked the locals in town..
And they said, ‘That girl, she was a crazy one she
Found the love of her life in the sea.’
And I sang..


Ride with me, into the sea.


Written By: Words by Abby Miller

You always said I was a good girl.
You always said I knew what to do.
You always said I wasnt the shy one.
But boy, I sure was foolin you.

Cause when times were heavy I was such a lightweight.
I ran and ran till I couldn't anymore.
The pavement gave way to my foresight.
And I always landed at your door.

I don't deserve you, no I never really did.
This coffees cold and my face is red.
And as I rest my hands upon my heavy head,
I think about all those stupid things I've said.


Please don't leave me alone tonight.
Promise I won't put up a fight.
Just calm my nerves and hold me tight.
Tomorrow will be better, we'll be alright.


Debut CD: Cannot Rearrange (2008)
1)Destroy Me 2)Lazy Angeles 3)Let Go 4)Lightweight 5)Help Me Out 6)Cannot Rearrange 7)Hush 8)Safe (featuring Gaby Moreno) 9)Be Still My Dear 10)Enjoy the View
Self titled EP (2006)
1)Lightwieght 2)Enjoy the View 3)Be Still My Dear 4)Collide

Set List

Sets can run from 30 minutes - 2 hours
Set List: Be Still My Dear, Cannnot Rearrange, Change, Collide, Destroy Me, Don't Have You, Dresser Drawers, Enjoy The View, Flames on Eaton St., Good For You, Happy Little Love Song, Help Me Out, Hush, I Don't Believe You, Kill Them Stars, Lazy Angels, Let Go, Lightweight, Reno, This Brightest Star, Quiet, Safe, **Toxic (cover), Under The Lantern Maze, Untitled,Your Fixations