Jen and the Juice

Jen and the Juice


Jen and the Juice is a fiery 5 piece from Asheville, NC. Combining Jenny Greer's humble singer song writer roots with the flare of her band, 2 of which stem from the P-Funk Family Tree, their sound protests the desire to sit still. Often joined by well know Guest artists, their shows are Fresh & Hip


Jen and the Juice wow audiences with a singularly hipster mix of swingy, bluesy, refreshingly original funk and folk. Together in Western North Carolina for more than five years now, their second CD “Meet the Hooligan’s of Bohemia” in 2007 hit a home run with fans and earned a juicy spot in WNCW 88.7 FM radio’s top 100 albums of 2007. Now the Juice is heading into wider territory with a newly released CD “Fruit”, an even more dynamic cast of characters and a step up to regional and national touring.
“We draw a lot of inspiration from folks like Sublime, Beck, Paul Simon, G-Love, and Taj Mahal”, says Jenny Greer, lead vocalist and songwriter for the Juice. Her songs are exciting audiences connect immediately at both the emotional and fun level, wanting to know her and become part of the groovin’ picture. A multi media wizard who juices websites, music, lyrics, guitars and cover art like Willy Wonka makes candy, Jen’s a powerhouse in the singer songwriter and arts community at large. If ever a person could make things work, rouse a crowd, organize a party, create a concert and art happening with a walloping big collaboration of sound/ fun/ art and anything else, it’s Jen.
While Jenny writes most of the songs, the band help make the arrangements smart, smooth and funky. Rolling melodies gently cruise through a lyrically painted canvas and stories dot the landscape of their tunes. After five years, their sound and reputation have grown, there are a few new members and a more polished, vibrant sound. While Jen travels the guitar neck, deftly cruising the chords of jazz, swing, rock and folk, Ryan Burns owns the keyboard in the Juice, adding funk and sophistication. Barrett Helms handles percussion and drums while John Heintz holds the groove together tightly on electric bass and Jim Aaron moves in and out on harmonica, while Debrissa McKinney brings the sweet sounds of her sax to the stage. The new sound is more melodic, familiar yet new, with a sing-a-long-able feel most acts would long for. Be prepared for dancing, spontaneous singing, shouting, clapping, whimsical familiarity and even a little group introspection as the audience bonds with Jen and the Juice for a warmly refreshing and hip musical ride.


Meet the Hooligans of Bohemia

Set List

Our Set list consists of all original material from our two albums. The Sets range from 40 mins to-2 hours. Below is our set list:
-The Damn Song
-Ellen Song
-I Might Be Drunk
-Bohemian Hooligan
-Rolling Stone
-At Ease
-10,000 Directions
-Pirate Love Song
-Top Shelf Sugar
-Fortune Cookie
-Get Love
-It Takes Two
-Easy is Better than Pretty
-I'm Neat
-Cherry Bowl