Jen Clapp

Jen Clapp


This is beautiful, sad, warm, real music written and sung by a deep and soulful artist. Alone with a mic and guitar Jen draws the audience into her realm: songpoems that caress, alongside fierce overtures to life and love. With her band, the rhythms and harmonies soar.


Jen found her voice in a small Irish cafe in NYC's East Village, singing urban folk music as part of acoustic trio Native Tongue. Cafe Sin-e in the early 1990s was a thriving scene: a place where Sinead O'Connor, Bono & Little Steven, Luka Bloom, Marianne Faithfull, and countless others dropped by when in the neighborhood. Jen's band played there weekly, beside Susan McKeown and Jeff Buckley, until the band split up and Jen moved west to San Francisco.

Separated from the music scene in NYC, Jen pursued another lifestyle altogether, becoming a homebirth midwife and delivering babies across three counties. When her own babies arrived, Jen began a long return to music, this time writing her own songs. When the family moved back east in 2001, Jen began writing more and performing again, back in the East Village and throughout the Hudson Valley where she now lives.

Her debut CD, Lonesome Sunbeam (2009), has her beautiful, warm voice placed among many creative musical ideas - odd keyboard sounds, ethereal guitars, fretless bass and country violins. The record is currently receiving radio play in the northeast, and wonderful reviews in the press.

Jen grew up listening to singers - Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, singer/songwriters - Jackson Brown, Joni Mitchell and lots of rock music. As an adult, she draws inspiration from the likes of Flaming Lips, Ron Sexsmith, Dayna Kurtz, and indie band Ida. Bits and pieces of each of these artists continue to inform her writing, playing and singing.


Last Ride

Written By: Jen Clapp

All the long summers have come and gone
And the rollercoaster wild black nights
We gave them away so willingly
Like they don't belong in our life

So kiss me like candy you won at the fair
Like the taste of the wind as you fly through the air
And I'll be the one holding the ring for you
This is our last ride

All of the fleeting moments
With everything and nothing inside them
We can be content to watch them pass
Or hold on tight and dive in

So kiss me like sunlight on the tops of the trees
Like the edges of clouds
Bring me to my knees
And I'll be the song I wanted to sing for you
This is our last ride


Debut CD: Lonesome Sunbeam, independently released on Rusted Flower Records in January 2009. Features 10 of Jen's own songs.

"Hospice in the Weald" - a benefit CD created by Chris Difford of Squeeze. Mr. Difford wrote lyrics to the songs, inviting guest artists to write music and perform some of them. Jen is a co-writer, singer and guitarist on two tracks. (2006)

"Washing Day" by Adam Levy. Jen shares writing credits on "Longest Day of the Year," and sings backup vocals on the CD. (2007)

Set List

Jen has about 2 hours of original material, including all of the songs on her CD. She also adds covers by Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, Neil Young and an occasional traditional folk tune or a cappella song.