Jen Davis

Jen Davis


My music is considered acoustic rock. I pride myself on being mainstream enough to be commercial, but unique enough to set me apart. I am backed by a band of talented musicians with a lot of experience in the studio as well as live performance.


I have been writing songs and playing guitar for about 7 years. I grew up in a musical family so I was always encouraged to be as creative as possible. I started working on call at a recording studio known for making LeAnn Rimes who she is. I started off doing background vocals and one session lead to many more. Eventually they took a big risk and spent thousands of dollars and many, many hours helping me hone my craft and find that my passion was really in my music. We started doing demos and got in contact with a "Big-Wig" in the music industry and started to get my name out and here I am now. I am a senior at the Universit of North Texas but I still do gigs at small, intimate venues, write consistently, and spend time in the studio. There is an indescribable chemistry between my bandmembers and myself seeing that my brother is my drummer, my boyfriend is my bassist, and we've been playing together for about 7 years.


I love you, baby

Written By: Jen Davis

Over and over again
You keep coming back to wait
What's it been? a few years now
But you still won't give in
I don't understand why you wait for me even after everything
Maybe there's something I keep missing when you say

I love you baby
I love you baby
I love you baby
just love me 'cause
I need you baby

I see that sparkle in your eyes
Sometimes I can't help but wonder why
All those tears you cried were over me
And I couldn't even see
That to you I was all you needed
Even after everything
I can't believe it's come back to me
'cause baby, I'm nothing without you

- chorus