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"Expressive Voice, Solid Tunes"

New York City’s own Jen Elliot has just released a soulful and bluesy album, a wonder since her record company’s office was destroyed in the events of 9/11. With vocal talents beyond her 25 years, Elliot swings and struts through songs like the funky album opener “Move” and the honky-tonk of “Pop Blues,” while keyboardist Yaron Sarch contributes some fine supporting B-3 and electric piano. Her backing band Bluestruck does a great job with the music overall, and the songs sound like they would translate well to the stage. Elliot’s been compared to Vonda Shepard and Sheryl Crow, but with the mostly self-penned The Secret’s Out, Elliot’s expressive voice and solid tunes find their own identity. ROBBIE GENNE - Keyboard Magazine

"She's A Gem!"

Well, this is a gem. A mixture of blues rock and blue eyed soul with a hint of pop perception.
It all kicks off with a bang, "Move" a significant statement of intent from a remarkable voice. Your attention is held all the way to the end with a rambunctious blast of honky tonk rhytm and blues, "Pop Blue"s.This is a remarkably assured debut, and an indicator of a major talent, waiting to be discovered.

- The Rocker--Zeitgeist Review

"Strong Debut, Talented Artist"

The first thing that struck me about THE SECRET'S OUT was the vocals. Jen Elliott's voice possesses that perfect combination of raw blues and funk-driven overtones — the perfect accompaniment to a hard hitting, funky, bluesy and everything in between record. All 12 songs on this CD stay consistent and are extremely well written, lyrically and musically. THE SECRET'S OUT is a strong debut from a very talented artist.
- Inside Connection, Kimberly Schedel

"Delivers Vocally Everytime"

The music industry seems to be spending a great deal of time these days whining about how downloading music is killing their profits, yet can't come up with a single concrete study that supports their claim. Perhaps they need to consider some of the drivel they're pushing the customer's way. You see, a release should first and foremost be about talent and quality... and have I got a debut for you! A native of Jacksonville, Florida, 25-year-old Jen Elliott has paid her dues and is about to release her first CD titled THE SECRET'S OUT which also serves as an appropriate announcement for the artist herself.... What impresses me most about Jen besides the fact she's also a songwriter is that she varies her material, delivers vocally on every track and didn't include a single filler song on the entire album. - Moda Mag, Kage Alan

"Perfect Balance of Blues and Rock!"

THE SECRET'S OUT, Jen Elliott’s debut CD (City Canyon Records) is a perfect balance of belt it out blues and Sheryl Crowe mid-tempo rock. The opening track "Move," has a big band intro leading to a big bluesy voice. Elliot’s singing packs a bigger punch than Vonda Shepard, and hints at what a grown up Christina Aguilera would sound like….The tempo changes again with the mischievous rhythm of "Paint It" and the jungle beat of "Curse On You." The CD’s closer, "Pop Blue"s is a fantastic slice of Chicago barroom R&B that would fit in admirably at any South Side haunt on a Friday night.
- Hot New Bands On The Horizon, Suite, Marianne Moro

"Full of Spirited Song"

Jen Elliott puts a new and refreshing slant on pop music with her aptly titled debut The Secret’s Out. Her record company calls her music RBP, which stands for rock, blues and pop, but it’s really more blues, pop and soul. Whatever it is, there isn’t much out right now that sounds like Elliott. Listeners are first struck by Elliott's soulful voice that sounds much more mature and full-bodied than what people would expect from a slender 25-year-old. An eclectic band behind this Jacksonville, Florida, native enhances her voice by playing a wide variety of music. Well-placed background singers also help out by chiming in at the right times...Elliott creates a new niche in the music industry with The Secret's Out and fills it with spirited songs.
- Urban Tulsa Weekly, Brian Bizjack

"Confident, Sultry Voice"

"Strong debut by a New York-based geologist turned singer/songwriter. Blending rock, blues, and pop, Jen Elliott has a confident sultry voice, with energy to spare."

- ArtsForum, John Arkelian

"A 21st Century Siren!"

Hearing that voice, a man looks for her photo. With two senses now fueling the imagination, a man hopes ...she will appear nearby soon. She's a 21st century siren, and her mission is "the unveiling of a new music genre, RBP(Rock Blues Pop)". To this critic's ears, Jen Elliott is a Joplin/Slick-level belter. She's got the power to front a band that fronts itself and to create perpetual motion upward between herself and that band... I am glad to have been introduced to Ms. Elliot via receipt of this CD.... This record is part of a great record. We will hear from Jen Elliot again.
- Outrider Magazine, Art Shuey

"Wicked Combo of Blues and Pop!"

A mixture of sultry vocals and one helluva big sound. Jen Elliott mixes a wicked combination of blues, aggressive pop, and funktified jazz to create a sound that is nothing but pure emotion. She possesses a silky voice that blows over an eclectic montage of lyrics and sounds…

- Outline Magazine, Andrew Hicks

"Deserves to Be A Blockbuster"

Elliott is a performer, and she handles this material excellently, never over singing a song or squashing it under her vocal dynamics. The woman knows when to cool it down as much as heat it up. And for what it's worth, the twelve tunes on this album are all worth hearing. There is literally something different about each song that needs to be heard.
The best moments on The Secret's Out occur near the end of the first half, with the songs "High Wire" and "Why Can't This Be A Love Song?" Elliott's way with the topic of love sounds alarmingly new... "Why Can't This Be A Love Song?" is certainly one of the best songs I've heard this year, and I would easily place it in a top five list to boot.

Elliott works with an array of musicians on this album, and their performances are as top notch as hers...Elliott and the band work seamlessly together in a beautiful flourish of rock, blues, pop, and jazz. The production also shines through, sounding warm and inviting and is key to the enjoyment of this album as much as anything else.
The Secret's Out might be the sleeper hit of 2003, or it might be the blockbuster it deserves to be...For something completely surprising, fresh, and just downright fantastic, check out The Secret's Out for yourself. The album will be released on September 30, 2003. Don't let this Secret remain one for long.

- Echo of Esoterica, Jason Thompson


"8 Days Down" 2006
Release by City Canyon Records

Available on:

"this damn song" (EP) 2006
Released by City Canyons Records
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"The Secret's Out" (LP) 2003
Released by City Canyons Records
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THE SECRET'S OUT charted in the top 30 at college radio stations across the country in 2003 and 2004.



"Jen Elliott has the goods. Fusing the sensibilities of the Rolling Stones with the Ronettes, she and her band manage to be tougher and sexier than either. Nor is the sound really retro. Great rock is timeless, and Jen Elliott makes great rock."
--Hank Bordowitz of Bordowitz Media Werx on Jen's live performance at the Global Entertainment and Media Summit 2004

This is a girl who was raised on traditional gospel. She still writes and sings straight from her soul, but now, it's rock 'n' roll that is her first love.

She was raised in Jacksonville, Florida but now Jen Elliott calls New York City her home. In 2003, she had the opportunity to sign with up-and-coming indie record label City Canyons Records. A few short months later, they released her debut album THE SECRET'S OUT.

Since then, Jen's album has received Top 30 college radio airplay and critical acclaim by the press nationwide. Jen has been featured in issues of Entertainment Today, The Downtown Express, The Sun Herald, Inside Connection and Keyboard Magazine. To date, the band has performed at the Black Potatoe Festival 2005, NY Auto Show 2005, GoGirls Elite Showcase 2004, headlined at the Global Entertainment & Media Summits 2003/2004, and performed at MEANY Fest well as performing at top venues in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Jen & Bluestruck have also opened for the likes of Nils Lofgren, The Little River Band, and Nine Days.

In October of 2006, Jen & Bluestruck released their brand new album, 8 DAYS DOWN, on City Canyons Records. Reviewers call the new album "even more compelling", and say that it will "lure you in and keep you listening". Still it is Jen's charismatic live performance that really sets her and her music apart.

Jen also performs in a separate acoustic project with Anne Husick, a veteran New York musical force and guitarist for Bluestruck. Their collaboration as songwriters and performers has provided much of the material for the full band set. Most recently they completed a month long residency at The Gatehouse in NYC. They have also been invited to perform at the GoGirls Elite Showcase 2005, the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase 2004, and Earth Day NY.