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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
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"Fostering Success, Jen Foster's Singular Success to Stardom"

Even rock stars can swoon in the presence of rock stars. Jen Foster learned this backstage at a U2 concert when she met Bono, one of her biggest musical influences, and she couldn‘t resist getting up close and personal with the Irish rock icon. “I got a little out of control,” Foster says, “and, well, I just grabbed him and kissed him.” A Texan, a lesbian (Bono incident notwithstanding) and a
recording artist of no small stature herself, having just toured with Antigone Rising and recorded a new EP with multi-platinum producer and songwriter Jeffrey Steele, Foster is pretty savvy about the music industry. But that wasn’t enough to stifle her spontaneous outburst of fangirl frenzy. “He was really cool about it,” Foster adds. “I’ve been thinking of writing a song about it. ‘I Kissed a Rock Star.’ ” - Curve Magazine

"Alison Krauss called it “a signature song” and I couldn’t agree more.”"

“It’s hard to top the near-perfection of Jen Foster’s 2005 release, “Taking Bob Dylan”, but with her new project, she just might have succeeded. I love all the new songs I’ve heard, but my new favorite is “Secondhand Love”. Alison Krauss called it “a signature song” and I couldn’t agree more.”
- Dave Hall, Program Director, WRLT, Lightning 100 Nashville’s Independent Radio

"“Born in Houston but based in Nashville,"

“Born in Houston but based in Nashville, Jen Foster brings surprisingly limited Southern influences to her songs, which favor slick adult contemporary fare instead. The singer-songwriter’s unique vocals set her apart from her seemingly uniform contemporaries. Imagine if Tracy Chapman’s pipes were more elegant and less husky with just a bit of twang, and you’d be in the neighborhood.”
- Spencer Griffith, INDY WEEK (Raleigh-Durham, NC)

"Jen Foster Wins Grand Prize at IAMAs"

Jen Foster's 'Taking Bob Dylan' Wins GRAND PRIZE at International Acoustic Music Awards; Song Also Nabs First Prize (Best Female Artist)

OUT MAGAZINE Praises New CD 'The Underdogs' as "Soaring, Solidly Written Pop...A New Brand of Coming-of-Age Drama"

Jen Foster's song 'Taking Bob Dylan' has just been selected as the Overall Grand Prize Winner, as well as the First Place Winner-Best Female Artist, at the International Acoustic Music Awards. According to Foster, the track (one of 11 on her sophomore CD 'The Underdogs',) is "A classic break-up song...It hit me hard when she moved out, all the precious things that had meaning to us, slowly being taken from me...pieces of my heart being ripped away. But, WHAT exactly are the items that go when you break up with someone? They were easy to come up with: the pictures, the sweaters, the books, the records...for me, the music we shared was the most symbolic of the devastation I felt. There went Bob Dylan, along with my girl..."

'The Underdogs', released February 7th, continues to generate the most favorable coverage of Foster's burgeoning career as a pop/rock singer-songwriter. Filled with direct, honest lyrics and tales of alienation and ultimate redemption, the album speaks to the 'misfit' in all of us. GLBT and mainstream critics have universally praised what they've heard, saying Foster might indeed "be the next big thing". Produced by Jeff Trott of Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow fame, the new album also features the track 'Amen', recent winner in the Gospel category of the USA Songwriting Contest. Here's a story about the win:


by: F. Daniel Kent, Out & About Newspaper

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The 10th Annual USA Songwriting Competition -- a nationally recognized competition that showcases the work of songwriters from around the world -- has awarded local out performer Jen Foster first prize in its gospel music category. This is the first time in the history of the competition that the award in the gospel music category has been given to an openly gay performer. Foster won with the song "Amen" which is included on her upcoming album "The Underdogs." Foster shares the 2005 awards with winners from as far away as Scotland, Serbia & Montenegro, Indonesia, and Australia. This award is something of a vindication for Foster who went to a Catholic all-girl school and even served as the president of campus ministry for a time until her sexuality was discovered and she was asked to step down. Though she still identifies as a Christian, Foster still has issues with how the church treats homosexuals. "I try to separate God and Jesus from the followers, but that's still difficult," Foster commented in a recent interview with "O&AN." "The gospel award is very special to me, particularly because I am an out artist and I wanted to challenge stereotypes." Foster describes "Amen" as a universal song because it is not focused on religion, which she feels can be divisive, but rather on spirituality. "I think there is a perception that gospel awards are reserved for bible-thumping Christians, and this certainly proves that this is not true," Foster elaborated. "In the end the beautiful thing about this is that my sexuality was no issue in this matter. 'Amen' won because it is a powerful song -- plain and simple." Out & About Newspaper, 1/31/06

Some additional recent coverage:

"...And then there's our lesbian Dido, Jen Foster. Closer in spirit to Melissa Etheridge...Foster's polished sophomore release, 'The Underdogs', is soaring, solidly written pop that aims for airplay as much as it does for listeners minds. Tapping into the emotions of misfits and freaks as they come into their own, Foster's album is a new brand of coming-of-age drama -- it's nabbed the Texas native and Nashville resident some songwriting awards, and it positions her for potential exposure on WB-type dramas." OUT Magazine, Mikel Wadewitz

"Geez, Jen Foster! Would you leave some accolades for the rest of us? The singer-songwriter has been drumming up awards across the country, from reaching the finals in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest to leading two categories in the USA Songwriting Contest. You can call her sultry, heart-baring songs anything from alternative to gospel, but critics agree: Jen Foster might be the next big thing. Catch her performing songs from her upcoming CD The Underdogs, a tribute to anyone who's dared to be different. Pittsburgh City Paper 1/4/06

"A rising, award-winning pop singer-songwriter." "The Underdogs, which was produced by Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks helmsman Jeff aimed at catapulting
Foster's soulful, personal tunes into the Big
Time." Tampa Bay Weekly Planet 1/19/06

"Jen Foster seems to have been destined for a life in music." Foster writes "edgy, personal lyrics that draw on her experiences." (Excerpt from interview feature) Ithaca Journal, 2/2/06

"She hails from Nashville, but Jen Foster's got more in common with Alternative singers like Liz
Phair or Sarah McLachlan..." Front Page, Columbus
Ledger-Enquirer, 1/12/06

Jen Foster Upcoming Tour Dates:
2/11/06 Nashville, TN Douglas Corner Cafe
2/12/06 Decatur, GA Rainbow Wedding Network Benefit @ The Red Chair
2/16/06 Daytona Beach, FL Love Bar
2/17/06 Tampa, FL Viva la Frida
2/18/06 Wilton Manors, FL Elements
2/26/06 Tallahassee, FL Women Folk 2006 @ AJ Bar & Grill
3/3/06 Birmingham, AL Moonlight Cafe
3/4/06 Rome, GA Irish Cellar
3/7/06 Starkville, MS Rick's Cafe
3/9/06 Columbus, GA Club 1244
3/10/06 Decatur, GA My Sister's Room
3/16/06 Austin, TX USA Songwriting Competition Showcase at SxSW
4/8/06 Johnson City, TN Eve's
4/22/06 Decatur, GA Eddie's Attic

For more information about Jen Foster, contact or 212.873.1011.
- Seth Cohen PR

"Early Praise for Jen Foster's "The Underdogs""

Early Praise Grows for Jen Foster's EP "The Underdogs":

"She Delivers Moving Stories in a Voice That Combines Those of (Sheryl) Crow, Tracy Chapman and the Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan"

Nashville Scene:
"Must-Have Music" from Jen Foster

Columbus Dispatch:
"An advance five-song sampler contains evidence of Foster's considerable promise. She delivers moving stories in a voice that combines those of (Sheryl) Crow, Tracy Chapman and the Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan."

The Portland Free Press:
Jen "delivers the goods with songs that hit the targets of relationships and life's come-from-behind wins."

Florida's Watermark Magazine (cover story interview):
Her music reminds us that "everyone has considered themselves an underdog at some point in life."

Lavendar Magazine:
"One of the most popular and promising singer/songwriters of her generation."

Church Street Freedom Press (live concert review):
"Jen grabs a piece of your soul with her lyrics and takes you on a journey of beautiful emotion."

Florida's Watermark Magazine:
"Foster's sophomore album focuses on mistrust and isolation -- and ultimately redemption."

Nashville RAGE:
She's "Uncompromising". As for the EP, Rage says: "the players and people behind the disk are anything but underdogs."

Women Out Front:
Jen is "captivating."

"Jen is an OUT music award winner whose music has been compared to Sheryl Crow (and) Bonnie Raitt, with terrific lyrics as well as music."

Columbus Dispatch:
"Foster’s singer-songwriterly touchstones include Joan Osborne, Michelle Branch,
Alanis Morissette and Melissa Etheridge..."

Erie Times-News:
"Up-and-coming Texas singer-songwriter," is hailed by "both mainstream and alternative critics."

Provincetown Banner:
"She’s a rock ‘n’ roll Texan living in Nashville," "Fostering her own sound."
- Seth Cohen PR

""The Underdogs" Press Quotes"

Winning Awards Before It's Released:
Jen Foster's 'The Underdogs' Shows Early Promise

"She Delivers Moving Stories in a Voice That Combines Those of (Sheryl) Crow, Tracy Chapman and the Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan"

Jen Foster's sophomore CD 'The Underdogs' won't be released until February, 2006. But her new songs have already shown substantial early promise. The title track of her album was just announced as a Finalist in the Pop Category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. In addition, two other songs from the upcoming CD, "Amen" and "Without Michelangelo," have won the 'Positive Pop Song' Contest's Digital Distribution Award (as a result, both tracks will be featured on a 'Winning Songs' CD to be released by Positive Pop Song.)

Critical praise has coincided with the recent release of a five-song EP, 'Songs From the Underdogs'. The Columbus Dispatch buzzed: "An advance five-song sampler contains evidence of Foster's considerable promise. She delivers moving stories in a voice that combines those of (Sheryl) Crow, Tracy Chapman and the Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan." The Portland Free Press said that Jen "delivers the goods with songs that hit the targets of relationships and life's come-from-behind wins." Lavender Magazine (MN) raved that she's "one of the most popular and promising singer/songwriters of her generation." And, in a live concert review, Nashville's Church Street Freedom Press commented: "Jen grabs a piece of your soul with her lyrics and takes you on a journey of beautiful emotion." Produced by Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks,) 'The Underdogs' is filled with stories of isolation, mistrust and ultimate redemption.

The early accolades for 'The Underdogs' follow those earned by Foster's debut CD 'Everybody's Girl'. That album included "She," a same-sex love song which put Foster on the map as a First Prize winner in the Pop division of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and a First Prize recipient in the Great American Songwriting Contest's Pop division. Foster went on to win 'Best Debut Recording–Female' at the 2004 Outmusic Awards (her entire album was honored,) and the song "In Between Poses" earned her Best Female Artist honors at the 1st Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards). Also in 2004, Foster's first single, "Used Black Cars," showed surprising strength at AAA Radio, debuting as the 3rd Most Added track in its first official week of release, trailing only Dave Matthews and Lyle Lovett.

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"A Singer to Watch and Listen To"

A Singer to watch and listen to... As a songwriter, Texan Jen Foster has a fine knack at setting mood in her music.
NY POST, Dan Aquilante - New York Post

"An Ambitious Singer-Songwriter Marked by Her Fierce Determination"

An Ambitious Singer-Songwriter Marked by Her Fierce Determination...Belts out crafted, confessional pop on her new CD Everybody's Girl. Nashville Scene - Nashville Scene

"Real Women Write Songs"

Real women write songs. Jen Foster doesn't write songs about girls. She writes songs about women who are real, free from goofy affectations. Women whose inner beauty is revealed in poignant moments of honesty. Women like herself.
Metro Pulse Weekly, (Knoxville, TN) Paige Travis - Metro Pulse Weekly

"Singer-songwriter Jen Foster Takes an Intensely Confessional Approach to Rock and Pop"

Singer-songwriter Jen Foster takes an intensely confessional approach to rock and pop... Foster is writing open letters to current and ex-lovers with a laudable commitment to melody and craft...
Sean Piccoli - Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

"Foster Proves She Deserves to Share the Airwaves with...Sheryl Crow, Joan Osbourne, matchbox twenty"

With songs like the title track alone, Foster Proves She Deserves to Share the Airwaves with her contemporaries. Think Sheryl Crow, Top 40 Joan Osbourne (not the bluesy Osbourne), matchbox twenty.
Palm Beach Post - Palm Beach Post

"Pushes an Envelope Where it Still Matters"

The production isn't much different from other grrl lite artists like Sheryl Crow or post-anger Alanis Morrisette. But the forthrightly homoerotic tone of songs such as She surely pushes an envelope where it still matters. If this were Sleater-Kinney or Bitch and Animal, I wouldn't blink, but to hear this kind of thing going on in a mushy Adult Alternative CD is kind of like hearing Garth Brooks defending his lesbian sister. Let's give Jen a little huzza! - HX Magazine

"A Wonderful Example of This New Artists Direct, No Frills Style"

She's Everybody's Girl - Singer and songwriter Jen Foster has won major acclaim for her love song "She," which made her a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the Great American Songwriting Contest. Foster says that the process of writing the love song was not anxiety free. 'I wasn't sure how open people would be to a song like that. I guess the honesty of it just came through.' The song is a wonderful example of this new artist's direct, no frills style. This track is featured on her album, Everybody's Girl. SHE Magazine, FL By DJ Pride
- SHE Magazine


Studio albums

2003: Everybody's Girl
2006: The Underdogs
2009: Thirty-Nine


2005: Songs from The Underdogs
2008: Songs from Thirty-Nine
2012: You Stayed



Jen Foster’s music is a sonic melting pot that fuses elements of rock, pop, folk, country, R&B and dance.

Foster has recorded and released three (3) studio albums and three (3) EP’s on her self owned “Fosterchild” label. Film and TV projects featuring Foster’s recordings include “Elena Undone” and Emmy Award winning “Venice The Series”, for which Foster penned the official theme song, "Venice Beach”.

Foster has earned multiple awards, including the coveted OUT award for “Song of the Year” and 2012’s RightOutTV “Best Pop Song “ award for her song “You Stayed” co-written with Jefferey Steele. Foster also sits on the very distinguished board of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) representing her songwriter peers. As featured in the December 2012 edition of Curve Magazine, Foster regularly tours the USA, so keep an eye out for upcoming shows in a city near you.

Jen Foster takes pride in nurturing the intimate bond she has developed with a very dedicated local and international fan- base, fuelled by the power of social media networks including Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.