Jen Korte and The Loss

Jen Korte and The Loss


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Berlin Wall

Written By: Jen Korte

Not stars but satellites
is playin in my ear
tonight might be the night
i cant sleep away my fear
i see you through cigarrettes
plastered the dance hall
fall into one two step
there goes my berlin wall

there goes my tough guy face
i thought i knew it alls
seem to be erased

after the fall
after the fall

if i could afford cigarrettes
id smoke a pack a day
if it didnt run in my family
id have a drink to say .
lets all have another lets celebrate
that look we get in our eyes
on a first date
im in an empty house
its got this empty bed
kick off my dirty boots
and try to rest my head
learn to take a breath
before it becomes a sigh
its 1228
feel like its another late night

its another late night
its another late night

there goes my tough guy face
i thought i knew it alls
seem to be erased

after the fall
of my berlin wall
after the fall
of my berlin wall

Pull the Plug

Written By: Jen Korte

before the dance
before the smiles ever meet
lets measure circumstance
let it all out in pieces of slurred speech

before the sun
can catch the day
before the moments turn in to tidal waves

lets pull the plug
and let it out

hidden in the rain
are tears with folded scarves
as though knew why they came
to wash away the late nights
and dirty bars

before the dawn
i had a vision of honey dew
and i woke up with heavy breath
craving the tase of you

lets pull the plug
and just let it out

swim down down and back again

pushing air in and out and in and out and in and out again
breathing out and in out and in and out and in again

Secret Telephones

Written By: Jen Korte

Its like secret telephones
In irrelevant time zones
Just floating above my head
If I had waited for you -
Id be dead by now

Its like mistletoe on my birtday cake
the intention sounds good but wrong fuckin date
Its like alcohol and serious talks
Leaving kisses on smeared lipstick thoughts

It reminds me of a long ride home
Where the mood doesnt really fit my tone
And Im listening to liquor written songs
And calling you on secret telephones . . .


Written By: Jen Korte

does the shoreline still run out to meet the sea?
with fingers outstretched like lovers in a movie scene?
does the wind still hold the birds better than the trees?
with strong cupped hands in breezy subtlety?

We are the cohersion of a wave when it meets the sand
we are the concept created by a pounding hammer in dirty hands
i get the feeling when i see out adjacent sunset
that everything is worth the risk
baby if you just believe in the bet

relevancy is no prevalent when referring to time
its just chronologically passing to validate the Why
I feel I can map you out with thumbtacks across the stars
and draw a line with pencil precision from where I am to who you are

would you send some sort of sense of me through those strong hands that guide the birds?
and release my sense on urgency through our flight patterns and these words?
cause ive been drinkin too much of you lately,
i dont want to cry myself to sleep
Ive been drinkin too much of you lately
im tired of playin you out on these strings


Written By: Jen Korte

My foots abound
eggshells for shoes on my feet
I walk around
hard to make my emotions discreet
I cant hear a sound
a sound when we speak
And its profound
the sentences when they meet

Everyones alone cause they don't know who to be
We are unfinished molecules just pulsing to a perpetual beat
Oh, and its a shame
a shame
if you ask me
No matter how many degrees
How far can we really be?

Im going in circles
Im going in circles

i go around around
until we meet.


Bootlegs from The Walnut Room Denver, CO

"Liquor Written Songs Ep" - released Sept 2007

Set List

Our set list consists of all originals and can rage from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Songs are about 7 to 11 songs
If any covers they range from Mazzy Star, Radiohead, Bjork, Ryan Adams, etc.