Jen Lowe

Jen Lowe


Americana with a pop sensibility similar to the likes of Casey Chambers, Brandi Carlyle, and Sheryl Crow -- balanced with a sincerity and depth that will leave you craving more.


If you are looking for a musical artist that will sweep you away in a sprightly wind of acoustic Pop/Americana nirvana, look no further than Jen Lowe.

Having toured with prestigious national and international artists, Lowe is a journey-woman through and through; armed with a beaten-up backpack stuffed with sentimental keep-sakes of a woman both beloved and scorned. The songs on her debut solo CD, “From the End of this Hallway”, play like bittersweet battle-cries of a great victory won against fallen relationships and personal struggles in a coming-of-age war. And when the dust settles, there’s the lone voice of Jen’s soul, swaying gently, beautifully, between each song like a feather dropping from the heavens between the limbs of Oak trees.

Jen's eternal search for balance and connection in her life comes through strongly in her writing and performance. Never taking herself too seriously in life or on the stage, you will often find her giggling and at ease as she tells a funny anecdote or reaches into her soul to share the darker parts of her journey. She is a true natural performer, whether she’s pounding ferociously on a djembe or gently finger-picking her old guitar; as a multi-instrumentalist, Jen’s shows are spontaneous, fun and never predictable.

And it truly resonates. Her stage presence, songwriting, and musical ability have instantly captured audiences from state to state. Her lovelorn poetic verses and catchy choruses will remain in your head, illuminating and fluttering, like fireflies in a mason jar, long after the last note is played.

Ron Wiles, Producer of the Ron Wiles Music Show, commented about Jen’s debut CD:

"In the Indie American/Folk space, Jen Lowe is as good as it gets. If you're looking for a new artist to add to your collection of great finds - look no further. Jen Lowe is that rare artist who does it perfectly -- writes, sings, performs, etc."

Jen Lowe is truly a welcome beacon of light in the midnight of the soul’s harvest.


“From the End of this Hallway” CD

Quick Facts
Jen previously toured with Jason Mraz, Tristan Prettyman and Keni Thomas

Jen has performed in almost all 50 states and many countries including Japan, Australia, Brazil and Canada.

Jen has made several radio show appearances including 99X, Dave FM and WREK.

Jen's internet presence is strong and growing daily as more and more people hear of her new release.

Set List

Set List:

Waitress Song
Lake Shore Drive
Just The Rest
We’re all gonna die someday (Casey Chambers)
Make up Your Mind
Coming to Get You
Poison in the Well
Crazy Love (Van Morrison)
Paper Airplanes
Good For Me
Angel From Montgomery (Bonnie Raitt)
Breaking it Down
Swing Or Choke