Jen Miller

Jen Miller


Although her voice has been compared to KT Tunstall and Indigo Girls, Jen has a sound of her own. With her folky rhythms and catchy choruses you'll know when it's her voice you hear. A great mix of violins, driving beats and melodic ballads. You'll wanna take this album on your next road trip.


Originally from Nova Scotia Jen now calls Vancouver her home. For the past 8 years she's been figuring out that the only way to get by in life is to be happy. To surround your self with good friends and do what you love. In her case it's music. Growing up in a musical family Jen started playing and writing music at the age of 14. "I lose myself in my music (in a good way) and find what I'm really trying to say. It's my kind of therapy". For the longest time she just wrote and played around the city for fun with the hopes of one day she could do it for a living. But that life seemed to far away so she didn't put much thought or effort into it. until friend and recording engineer Curtis Buckoll called her up one day and said let's record an album. It must have just been the right time cause she quit her job and went full force. Recording in the day and doing as many shows as she could.
When the summer ended so did recording funds so Jen found herself working a day job to pay for her recording time.

Jen had some amazing friends join her on her album and she made some great connections with local artists in the city. Two years went by and she finally finished her album and released it to the online

You'll see Jen playing around the city and surrounding areas until the summer. The you'll see her off to the east coast for her first tour. She wants to go back to where it all started for her. She will be playing house shows, cafes and small festivals.

Jen is also giving a portion of her album to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. After her two little nephews were born with CF she decided this is how she wants to help raise funds and awareness. You can find out more at


"You And I"