Jen Mize

Jen Mize

 Glass House Mountains, Queensland, AUS

*New album "Fear, Pride & a Few Stubborn Angels" inside the US Top 100
*#6 in the All Aussie Top 20 on 98.9fm Brisbane
*2nd place "Acoustic Roundtable Song Contest"
*finalist in 2010 The Great American Song Comp
*finalist 5th Annual SongCircle Song Contest


“There's nothing quite like moving to another country and going through an extreme identity crisis to find out who you really are,” reflects American songwriter Jen Mize from her home on Australia's Sunshine Coast, a smile crossing her lips. Situated between the mountains and the sea, about an hour north of Brisbane, her adopted surroundings and the stress of relocating so far from her friends and family awakened something within her – paradoxically deepening her connection to her homeland and ancestors. “I moved to Australia to find myself – that age-old tale,” she reflects. “And, for the first time, who I am as a person started to dictate who I am as an artist.”

A descendant of the Lumbee Tribe of native Americans, Mize hails from a family of Georgia cotton and North Carolina tobacco farmers, Appalachian moonshiners, and growers of what she of what she likes to winkingly refer to as “questionable crops.”

The ten original songs that comprise Mize's debut album Fear, Pride & a Few Stubborn Angels – which is available Sept 16, 2014 – are elegantly plainspoken, made all the more luminous by their uncluttered, largely acoustic settings. With the bluesy twang of her nuanced vocals adding a simmering, worldly undertone, they are by turns playful, haunting, and enchanting. It's the first postcard from a winding journey – one that has taken Mize across America and around the world before setting her down more than seven thousand miles from home. Along the way, she has come to
embrace the contradictions that define her: a wanderer with profound roots; a country singer with conservatory training; a compelling, defiantly American writer who found her voice in rural Australia.


Fear, Pride & a few Stubborn Angels, 2013

Set List

Humor Me
Not a Trace
Another Man's Treasure
Crow In The Road
Darker Side Of Lovely
Under The Covers
Front Porch Swing
Fortify My Life
Jerk The Wheel
Summer Of Us