Jenn Rogar

Jenn Rogar


Environmental, political, acoustic, anti-death penalty songs, songs about life, learning and love, work, struggle, hope, family, women, humorous songs, traditional songs, a song about the Navajo (Dine), children's songs, labor songs, spirituals, pure folk


I am a mother, teacher, have a law degree though I don't intend to use it in a traditional manner. I will use it to be part of the human solution for human rights. I am a rabblerouser, a folksinger and a human being in this crazy world. Back in 1992-3 I met Diane Patterson who said hey come hear me play at the Delta of Venus in Davis, CA and I said ok sure, but what's folk? That is the beginning of my love of folk. Around 1996, 1997 I bought a guitar after a few ill-fated attempts to sing in a cover band and I immediately started writing little songs and playing guitar in small coffeehouses in and around the Sacramento area. Then after a few years I had this longtime desire to go to law school and I decided I had better go now before I get to old. So I spent four long years studying the law at Lincoln Law school right here in Sacramento--a great school!- and not playing guitar much and I earned a law degree and then went back to playing and singing and writing new songs. I discovered that it is my passion to write songs and perform for folks. I discovered traditionals when I heard Myrna Lyne playing "Freight Train" by Elizabeth Cotton in a coffeehouse. I was hooked. I've added a lot of traditionals to my show, like "Skip to My Lou", "This Land is Your Land", "Somebody Got Lost in A Storm" and of course "Freight Train". I feel akin to a poet at times only with a guitar. I like sharing words, ideas, thoughts through music and song in the hope that it will help someone, heal or soothe their mind, make them laugh, become aware. I just love the interaction, the learning I get from the audience and other folk singers. I share who I am with others so that they can share and feel connected with others. I hope people like the sound of my voice and I always try to do just a little bit better than the show before. I have played at coffehouses, restaurants, peace rallies, protests, benefits for a variety of causes such as WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) here in Sacramento, CAAC (Central American Action Committee-another great Sacramento non-profit, Loaves and Fishes here in Sac, who feed, educate, employ and provide washroom facilities for the homeless, I've sang on the radio with Che Greenwood at KVMR. I am also part of peace singing group right now called the Impeachment Choir. Other members include Paul and Candy Anderson, longtime peace activists in Sacramento, Doug Austin, Bill, Jeanie Keltner, co-editor of Sacramento's only progressive newspaper, Because People Matter and longtime host of SoapBox! on Cable Channel 17. Through music and words I hope to help heal weary and angry minds including my own. The mind controls what goes on in this world. And I believe that compassion IS the new revolution. Musically, I am very influenced by Joan Baez, Kate Wolf, Holly Near, Catherine Scholz, Diane Patterson, Bob Dylan, Huddie Leadbetter (Leadbelly), Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger. I fell in love with traditional songs when I heard a great folksinger at the Fox & Goose one night named Myrna singing "Freight Train" by Elizabeth Cotton. I have a Bachelor's degree in history from UC Davis and naturally love these historical and often funny folk songs. I want to keep these great folk songs alive and have made traditional songs are part of my show. My goal is to stay as true to the original folk music as possible--just me and the guitar and maybe an upright bass or fiddle or a simple trio of sorts. Some recent shows I've done: a benefit for the Navajo, Julia Butterfly Hill's Circle of Life, campaign for Dave Lynch who is running for Congress against Doris Matsui, the Acoustic Barn, opening for Craig Carothers, a show at Galleria Tempest as part of the Second Saturday Artwalk in Sacramento, featured singer for the Sacramento Poetry group hosted by Frank Dixon--basically if there's a listening audience, even if its on the streets of Old Sacramento, I'm there. Look for me and say hello. Drop a buck in my tip jar--it always goes to charity! peace, jenn


Tree of Life

Written By: Jenn Rogar

Misconceptions bad perceptions wrong intentions keep tearing us apart
Grand receptions, genuflections, false redemptions keep holding us apart
How can we ever be free if the truth just cannot be perceived
How can we ever have peace if we hold on to just what we believe

Strong opinion, old convictions, blind traditions keep tearing us apart
Harsh reaction, fear of adaptation, emotional retraction puts fire in our hearts
How can we ever be free...

Forget about what's wrong
Forget about what's right
Forget about the truth
Forget about the fight
Think about why
You cannot hear my cry
Gotta compromise and
open up your eyes

Commonality, not your reality is the way we oughta see and put an end to hate
Human Quality isnt what it oughta be so open up your mind and come to the tree of life

Hold your hand with me
Stand beneath the tree
Touch humanity
Reach those who cannot see
copyright 2008 Jenn Rogar

Dove Springs Girl

Written By: Jenn Rogar

I am a Dove Springs girl and I live in the shadow of the red rock of Spiderwoman in the Navajo Nation, in the Navajo Nation
I am a Dineh girl and I fight to stay on the land of my ancestor..we are called the resistors, we are called the resistors

I am the last of my people and I work to bring the elders back home to plant and grow the corn, to plant and grow the corn

I am the last of my people and we thrive despite the dirty corporate coal mines, shame to Senator MCain, shame to Senator McCain

I study hard at the white man's school but I still learn the ways of the Dineh people..and I know that beauty is the way and I know we'll be sovereign one day

Bad road, bad laws, no electric and no water is running and the sacred space of the Sundance desecreted, in the Navajo Nation, in the Navajo Nation

I am a Dove Springs Girl and the great-granddaughter of the Chief Barboncito who said don't ask me to go anywhere but my home..anywhere but my home

I am a Dove Springs Girl and I live in the Shadow of the red rock of the Navajo Nation

prayer for Tookie et al.

Written By: jenn rogar

You say an eye for an eye for a capital crime
You say revenge is a virtue two wrongs make a right
Violence can never bring peace to the victims of crime
Violence can never be justice to those doing time

Civilized nations say no to barbaric reaction
Civilized nations say no to attraction

Hate never heals
hate never heals
heed the words of Jesus
Heed the words of Gandhi
Heed the words of Dr. King
Heed the words of Mumia
Heed the words of your mama
Heed the words of Dalai Lama
Heed the words of the quakers
Heed the words of peace makers

Welcome to the new slavery
one in three black men not free
locked up cuz he speaks his mind
locked up cuz the jurys blind
locked up cuz the lawyers tired
cuz the judge is hired
cuz the systems down
cuz the man is brown
cuz the court won't hear
politicians fear
cuz it ain't my problem

We light the candles, pray hold a vigil tonight
So helpless we feel when the announcement is made that you died


Have a Beer (the coffee shop song)

Written By: jenn rogar

Sitting in a coffee shop, my big ears tune in to every conversation, one table at a time
A macho man who's Mexican struts by his hair wild curls, a frilly oxymoron, a dead man's flag unfurled
Well Have a Beer, but don't you drive or the cops'll haul you in and the caffeine addict speeds to work and smoker's well they've all sinned...we talk on


I will be releasing my debut full length CD entitled "Place Called Humanity" sometime in June 2008. I am currently working on an EP of humorous songs. That EP when released at the end of the summer will be entitled "Ifer:the Artist formerly known as Jenn"

Set List

Tree of Life, Little Johnny, Dove Spring Girl, Have a Beer (the Coffee Shop song), Little Sister, Place Called Humanity, Little Girl (black girl, In the Pines), This Land is Your Land, Skip to My Lou, Red Tail Hawk (cover), Long Black Veil, Diamonds and Rust (cover), Wayfaring Stranger, Joe Wake Up, Child's Play,