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Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band EDM Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Buzz Magazine- Jenna Drey Reuniting Pop and Dance Music"

see URL: - Buzz Magazine.

"San Francisco Bay Times - Jenna Drey Review"

see URL - San Francisco Bay Times

"Boi Magazine- Interview with Jenna Drey"

See URL for article - Boi Magazine

"Shout Magazine: Jenna Drey "That Sound""

See URL Link to magazine archive. - Shout Magazine

"Jenna Drey wins Grand Prize in Great American Song Contest"

See URL LINK - Great American Song Contest

"Jenna Drey "TAXI" review- Jenna Climbs the charts"

Please see URL link -

"Jenna Drey "TAXI" review- Jenna Climbs the charts"

Please see URL link -

"Billboard Magazine - Review of single "All Out Of Love""

Please see URL address for link to article. - Billboard Magazine

""Stand In Line" wins Grand Prize for Best Song in Gibson Sponsored Dallas Songwriting Contest 2003"

Jenna Drey wins Grand Prize for best overall song, "Stand In Line'" at the Dallas Songwriters Association National Songwriting Contest.

See press release at:

*QUOTE FROM BROADJAM CEO and FOUNDER ROY ELKINS, "This is one of those songs I tried to find something wrong with, however I couldn’t. I listened to it several times and finally realized why I like it so much. Every single lyric line in this song could be a hook in any other song and at the same time supports the hook of this one. That's why I chose this one as the Grand Prize winner."
- ; The Dallas Guitar Show ;

"VH1 Song of the Year Contest - Jenna Drey for"

We want to thank everyone for the great music in January. Our winners consist of entries from all over the world including Belgium, Australia, Iran, Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom.
Jenna Drey won her division for best Dance song for "Say Goodbye to Loneliness." See at:
The judging panel consists of producers, artists, songwriters, managers, agents, A&R representatives, publisher representatives, and many others that have displayed success in their profession. Included are Grammy Award winners, Emmy Nominees, as well as many individuals who have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

- VH1 Song of the Year

"TAXI Review of "Shadow of A Stranger""

"Jenna, WOW!!! Are you singing? Awesome! I got goosebumps from that. Let me catch my breath. Really - your range and power in the chorus and bridge are fantastic. OK - now on to the song... This is a powerful song that is very well built. The melody, harmony and structure, along with a compelling lyric all work. Great job - a pleasure to listen to (I listened twice, I confess). I look forward to hearing more. FORWARD."
    —— TAXI A&R rep
- TAXI A&R Rep

"Look Out Shania!!!"

    —— United Kingdom Music Review

After review of "Why Should I Believe You."
- UK Music Review

"2003 Results - Jenna Drey Finalist in USA Songwriting Competition"

See Link to:

Jenna Drey places as Finalist in the 2003 USA Songwriting Competition for her song "Why Should I Believe You," competiting against more than 30,000 entries worldwide.

Congratulations to all! We would like to thank all entrants for your participation. Here are the winners of the 2003 event. Many thanks to our sponsors for providing the prize packages that truly assist these talented songwriters and artists. Judges include Universal, Epic Records, Warner, SONY Music and many more.  
- USA Songwriting Competition

"2004 Boston Red Sox Season adopts Jenna Drey's "Just Like That" theme"

The Boston Red Sox Adopts Jenna Drey's "Just Like That."
Just Like That will become the Red Sox's Who Let The Dogs Out. A revised version of the chorus will be played at home games, including televised games. This will give the song exposure to an audience of over 12.5 million baseballl fans :
See link at: - Emanon Records

"Live365, Garageband Get Amped"

"This deal opens a spectacular new opportunity for the independent musician," Partovi said. With its gigantic radio audience, Live365 is a powerful promotional avenue never before tapped for breaking new music.
According to Partovi, CEO of Garageband, 14 GarageBand artists have been signed by major labels, including double-platinum recording artists Drowning Pool, and many more have achieved licensing or publishing deals."

" Jenna Drey is one of many artists who willingly give testimonials to the power of GarageBand. She's in the studio with renowned producer Nile Rodgers recording her first single, and her indie-label CD will be distributed by Universal Music Group" - Hollywood Reporter: July 2004

It doesn©ˆt get better than this. New England Conservatory Graduate Jenna Drey is literally in the Big Leagues.
Her wicked peppy and positive and super catchy song, "Just Like That" became the theme song for the World Champion Boston Red Sox, beginning during the playoffs when the song was played to get the crowds pumped up.
A talented singer and songwriter, the Miami-based Drey definitely embraces the club scene. Her songs range from the techno-laced, potent style of "Let©ˆs Ride Your Motorcycle" to the Abba-esque "Say Goodbye to Loneliness" to the sultry and moody "Shadow of a Stranger."
Her enviable range and talented is in solid form and Drey exhibits extreme potential for further growth and popularity as a singer.
By Amy Steele
More information can be found at
P.O. Box 709
Hollywood 90078
323-874-5726 - INMAG.COM




"Billboard Charts"

Jenna Drey's Killin Me climbs to #11 on Billboard radio, and #6 Billboard Club Charts, and makes the TOP 50 Best Dance songs of the year.

Why Should I Believe You makes Billbaord #24 Radio, and #10 Club Charts in 2006 - Billboard Magazine


Singles with significant radio airplay such as C89.5 Seattle and/or Billboard Dance Charting Singles:

Summer Night In Seattle - Release date May 15, 2012
Can't Let Go - The Remixes 2011
Girlz Night Out - The Remixes 2010
All Out Of Love - The Remixes 2008
By The Way - The Remixes 2007
Killlin' Me - The Remixes CD Single 2005
Why Shoud I Believe You - The Remixes 2005

One Step Further - The Album 2006
One Step Further
By The Way 3:29
Killin' Me 3:36
We're All Alone 3:48
Don't Wanna Cry Anymore 4:08
Shadow Of A Stranger 3:55
Why Should I Believe You 3:26
All Out Of Love 3:32
Impossibility 3:38
Thousand Times A Day 4:11
I Told You So 3:36
Was It Something That

Just Like That - JennaRation Album CD:
Just Like That
That's What They All Say 3:09
Why Should I Believe You 3:25
Stand In Line 3:39
Say Goodbye To Loneliness 3:29
Shadow Of A Stranger 3:57
More Than This 3:16
Killin' Me 4:11
Let's Ride Your Motorcycle 3:29



Jenna is currently working on releasing a new album in the Summer of 2012, and a new single, as a follow up to her previous two albums, which contained the Billboard charting dance hits such as "Killin' Me", & "Why Should I Believe You", and the 2007 Billboard #4 dance song hit "By The Way." In 2011, she released the single, "Can't Let Go" which received consistent airplay on reporting dance leaning stations such as C89.5 Seattle, Music Choice, WNRG 107.9 FL, and more. Her new single, "Summer Night In Seattle" is scheduled for release May 15, 2012, in association with the support that Seattle C89.5 has given Jenna for 6 straight years on all of her dance hits.

Jenna Drey released her 4th single, "All Out Of Love," in May 2008, with leading U.S dance/pop record label, Robbins Entertainment, as a follow up to her hit, "By The Way." With a great recent feature review from Chuck Taylor at Billboard Magazine, the single found it's way across a wide variety of stations in the U.S, including WKTU in NY and 104.3 in LA, as well as making its way to the R&R Top 40 indicator charts. The past three singles have all been consecutive Billboard Dance Chart topping originals, with "By The Way" reaching as high as #4 in the spring of 2007, maintaining a chart position for 16 consecutive weeks. Not only does the artist have pipes of steel and a three octave range, she has assembled a top production team that includes talent such as two-time Grammy-award winning producer Nile Rodgers (for Madonna, Eric Clapton, Alphabeat, and many more) and Kevin Churko, producer/writer for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Shania Twain and many more.

Jenna also released the HDTV music video for "Why Should I Believe You," making it one of the first music videos filmed in high definition (HDTV).

Her original song, "A Thousand Times a Day," was a feature song in the motion picture, "A Big Gay Musical."

As a songwriter, Jenna has gained industry notoriety by winning five high profile songwriting contests: The Dallas Songwriters Association National Contest ; The USA Songwriting Competition for “Why Should I Believe You"; The International Songwriting Competition for “Killin’ Me”; and most notably, the VH-1 Save The Music, “Song of the Year Competition” where she won in two categories, Best Dance Song and Best Pop Song. Over the past several years, Jenna's music has appeared and been used on TV and film for shows such as "America's Top Model," the DVD pressings for "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Melrose Place" and even a feature song in the motion picture "Bachelor Party Vegas."

“ Just Like That,” Jenna's first single, produced by Nile Rodgers, was further honored in October 2004, when it was adopted as the battle song for the 2004 World Series Champions, The Boston Red Sox. The chorus of the song, revised to “Reverse The Curse, Just Like that”, played at all televised home games, reaching an audience of over 12.5 million baseball fans each week. Other sports teams, including the Pistons, Pacers, Raiders, and Wizards have since begun implementing the “Just Like That” sports mixes into their live game entertainment.

Jenna Drey currently resides in Miami, and is actively touring and recording in promotion with the current single and upcoming album