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Kissimmee, Florida, United States | INDIE

Kissimmee, Florida, United States | INDIE
Solo Pop R&B


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-Jenna Kristina Artist Biography-

Making her way from the humble confines of Lancaster, Ohio, Jenna Kristina has climbed her way out of the rural districts of her past to find and thrive in the urban beats she now calls home. Her journey came with a stream of pitfalls that would only prove to make her stronger and more determined to meet her goals of being the singer-songwriter she was born to be. At the age of 27, with a seed of doubt slowly growing inside her, Jenna Kristina held strong to her hopes and dreams - made the leap with Phenomenal Music Group and will now be releasing her first Hit Single Featuring Jewlz called “FREE” on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013. And no truer a title could illustrate Jenna’s journey and the upward momentum she has gained for herself thus far.

Jenna Kristina found inspiration every day to keep pushing for something greater. Jenna did all she could to keep her hopes alive and that included turning to her music. "We had a lot of rough times which is why I think that music was such an important instrument in my life." She recalls sitting in her room turning on the music and learning from some of the greatest vocalists of all times.

Jenna began to train herself as a singer by building confidence in her voice and truly owning the gift given to her. She made her way in and out of specialized college programs for medicine and cosmetology - but nothing satisfied her passion to do what she knew she was made to do: “SING”

It wasn’t until she came to Florida to visit her sister as Jenna’s career in music finally took a turn. Ever-supportive of Jenna’s musical interests, her sister introduced her to Guy Gant, CEO of Phenomenal Music Group who immediately took interest in the vocalist. However, it wasn’t until 2 months later when Jenna Kristina arrived back to Florida to record some demo cover tracks with Phenomenal Music as her true talent was recognized. "Jenna says, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never even been in a studio ever in my life - not even like a home one.” Needless to say, she was overwhelmed and star struck.

Belting out Beyonce’s version of “At Last” by Etta James, Jenna Kristina was born again as a star. “The studio just kind brought something out of me and I was like this diva chick who owned the studio.” Her sound was just what Phenomenal Music Group was looking for and there was nothing she couldn’t do.

The opportunity to prove herself gave Jenna Kristina the courage she needed to soar - but the toughest part was yet to come. Jenna did what she needed to in order to realize her dream even further. She split her life in two - becoming a Pop and R&B up-and-comer while still keeping up her role as a mother. "Jenna says, My kids are what keep pushing me harder for greatness. I don’t want to let them down. I want to be a role model for them… What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t even try?”

Jenna Kristina will be releasing her first Hit Single Featuring Jewlz called “FREE” on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013. The song highlights the pinnacle event in the nation’s history by touching on subjects like the right to believe, the right to love and the right to freedom. But despite the release date, "Jenna says, It’s about more than politics or even religious belief. "FREE" is something that I hope can really change the way people feel like they can be. Jenna chose the word "FREE" because of its all-encompassing nature while “Peace” and “Love” may be temporary - It's “Freedom” that persists in spite of the hardships one may be facing.

Jenna Kristina and the rest of Phenomenal Music Group have high hopes with plans from blog talk across the internet to stardom as one of the largest name artists of the genre(s). Fans can also expect to hear Jenna Kristina’s Hit Single "FREE" starting early 2013 on their favorite radio stations. The music industry can expect to be ever-changed with a sure-to-be addition in the Pop and R&B Hall of Fame: Jenna Kristina.