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Jenna Murphy

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Band Alternative Folk




"Jenna Murphy - Ancient Sea Warrior Review"

Jenna Murphy has to be one the most brilliant female artists to come down the tubes in years! This album showcases Jenna's abilities and frames her flare for music incredibly well. "Ancient Sea Warrior" has something for everyone's taste. From soothing ballads to pop songs like "Do You". Jenna Murphy has left no stone unturned with this album. Only 5 tracks, it is a stand alone example of what you can accomplish with the right lyrics, music arrangement and pure talent. Captivating and fresh, simply breathtaking.

To say Jenna Murphy has a gift is an understatement. Her unique vocal style is magical and hypnotizing. Her style is sexy and smooth, but she can also turn on a dime and deliver songs like "Soul Food", which is beautifully earthy. Jenna Murphy has the natural ability to spin wonderful lyrics, that will hold your attention from the first note. Jenna writes songs about life, love,emotions and personal experiences that listeners can relate to. I loved the stories Jenna Murphy allows the listener to witness. Beautifully strung together, expertly delivered.

The instrumentation on Ancient Sea Warrior has far exceeded our expectations. Jenna Murphy handles both guitar and piano with finesse. I also enjoyed the sound of her foot tapping along on occasion. The whole album definitely gives the listener a feeling of being a part of something special.

The three tracks I have set aside are: (In no particular order)

1 - Do You This an upbeat song that deals with real issues in relationships. Jenna Murphy nails the vocals and instrumentation on this track. This is a songwriters dream, delivering not only a song that fans will love to sing along to, but a journey to pack for.

2 - Start To Stop Jenna Murphy sings this direct from the heart. Upbeat and catchy, this song is brilliantly delivered. The lyrics spin a tale that involves the listener emotionally. Jenna has done an astounding job on this track. Instrumentation is exceptional.

3 - Soul Food Jenna Murphy has done a stellar job on this track. Beautiful lyrics allows Jenna Murphy's brilliant vocal style to bloom. This is an exceptional song. Harmonies are the icing on the cake. Instrumentation and orchestration is been expertly put together.
This is a keeper!!

You know, there are only a small percentage of albums that offer the whole package. I believe Jenna Murphy's "Ancient Sea Warrior " is one of those albums. She has managed to capture the imaginations and soul of her listeners. They relate to her lyrics in a real way. She presents them in a updated, modern, pop style but by no means can be boxed into that one genre. Jenna Murphy is exactly what the listeners want to hear. Her vocals are unequaled. Simply Inspiring. This 5 track album introduces us to a young lady going places. Jenna Murphy, remember that name. Grab "Ancient Sea Warrior" today, I know you will agree.

And that's how I see it
Shashona McCall
Indie Showcase - Shashona McCall


Ancient Sea Warrior EP (2011)



Jenna Murphy has been living in Australia for the past 3 and a half years. Originally from Ireland, She came to OZ for a wedding after finishing her music Degree (where she was a classically trained Pianist)....and has been here ever since....It was a long wedding....Now a resident of Australia, She's been working as a guitar/piano teacher and gigging musician.
Coming 2nd in the 'Rush Cutters Bay Competition' in 2010, she gigs frequently around Sydney as a solo artist, is a regular musician on Bondi Fm and supported Irish artist Mundy who toured Australia recently.
She recently recorded her debut EP in Melbourne with Mark Stanley of Red-Room Records who played with the infamous Irish band the 'Mary Janes'(Mic Christopher).
Watch out for her EP 'Ancient Sea Warrior' (translation of Murphy), soon available on Itunes.

Jenna Murphy draws from a range of musical influences in her original compositions, from folk artists such as the irish artist Glen Hansard (Once, The Swell Season), and the quirky Gemma Hayes, to a diverse range of others including Beirut, Fleet Foxes, Laura Marling and Bon Iver.

“To say Jenna Murphy has a gift is an understatement. Her unique vocal style is magical and hypnotizing. Her style is sexy and smooth, but she can also turn on a dime and deliver songs like "Soul Food", which is beautifully earthy.”Shashona McCall - Indie Showcase