Jenna Riot

Jenna Riot


Jenna Riot is a solid gold, mascara running, punk rock heir, birthed from Olympia WA. Her queer femme politics & hot beats will put yr eyeliner to the test!


Jenna Riot's favorite things are: tough queer femmes, big hair, fishnets, stilettos, gaudy jewelry, and Crunks Not Dead Records. She is a busy bombshell! Not only does she work hard fixin’ up beats & heartthrob bruises, she is also co-designer of Double Trouble Design. ( In her free time she is a promoter, in which she books shows and events for up and coming queer bands.

Jenna Riot's album "Girl You Look Expensive" will be coming out on Crunks Not Dead Records October 2006." Girl you Look Expensive" features
producers like Ben Adorable, Cindy Wonderful, Katastrophe, Sexy Sushi, Diamond Beats and Valentine St. James. Jenna Riot's album also features
guest stars like Joey Casio, Amber Bayer, and Erin Putnam (of Delta Dart
& Black Lake) Take a vacation to the lipstick lakes and sip on a lip-gloss cocktail in your best bikini to this album!
Her lyrics indulge in views of modern feminism, best friends forever, traditional vs. modern, femme paradises, butch/femme dynamics, raunchy & glam.

“If you want to know what its like to be an electro-glam, beauty bunny, with something smart to say... then listen to "Girl You Look Expensive".” -Crunks Not Dead Records

"Girl you look expensive brings the rebirth of ‘Riot’. Who knew radical
politics could be so sexy? She manages to have a distinct sound while
embarking on a variety of styles. She’s electro-punk, sassy and classy
While soulfully serving up Riot and Blues"
- Cindy Wonderful (Scream Club)

Jenna Riot's songs commence a whirlwind of queer femme fantasies & paradises. Jenna Riot pours her heart out into song and experiments with different sounds from different producers, in addition to producing her own beats.

Jenna Riot's live performances fill up audiences full of the hottest queers in the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco (Bay Area) and Los Angeles. Jenna has performed at events such as Jakes on 4th’s Homo a Go Go 2006 show, in Olympia Washington, in which she opened for bands Scream Club, Twin, and Fierce Perm.

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Salute yr Nurse

Written By: Jenna Riot

i promise i wont spill your sleepover secrets.
Ill take them to the grave, and thats where ill keep it.
I'll wear half of our matching charm bracelets.
Then we'll go to the mall and steal matching outfits.

shes got pills in her purse
salute yr nurse
she'll always make you feel tops
when you feel the worst

I'll boufant your hair, before the show.
Girl, you know you and i we can make mad dough.
cuz we light the stage with our sychncronized shakes
and we're tough as nails
and you got what it takes.

red nails, tops & tails, lipglossed lips that never fail
long lash, mad class, total trash makin lots of cash.
bold, broad, braniac will call you out and wont cut slack.
let me lend you my compact, you take it to the top and thats a fact!!


"Girl You Look Expensive" Ep OUT NOW

Limited Addition 7" picture disk feat. Joey Casio Scream Club, Heidi Mortenson, Nuclear Family, Huh-Uh and more!!! OUT NOW

Set List

My sets are usually four to six songs depending on the line up of bands & guest stars that she will be performing with.