Jenne Lennon

Jenne Lennon

 Naperville, Illinois, USA

Enya meets Afro-Celt Soundsystem and U2. Celtic/World Music with an American edge! World Music in a contemporary/pop structure-accessible to a wide audience.


This young singer songwriter has been described as "A Spectacle," La Telegramme (France), "A Brilliant Singer," Chicago Celtic Fest, "Deliciously Eccentric," Bloomington Herald (Illinois), and "A Haunted Beauty," Chicago Tribune. Critics have donned Jenne "The Janis Joplin of Celtic Music" for her passionate live performances and the unusual strength and depth of her voice. Jenne has performed allover the United States and Europe with some of the top names in World and Celtic music, including Rna, Eine Meneghan, Catherine O'Connell, John Williams, Jimmy Moore, Baal Tinne, The Academy of Irish Music and many more. She has appeared on radio and television stations in Chicago, Boston, Canada, France, Newfoundland, and the United Kingdom. In July of 2006, Jenne opened the coveted Chant du Femmes concert at the Lorient Interceltique Festivval in Lorient, France. Jenne was the only American singer out of thousands of Celtic artists to perform at the festival that year. Jenne received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from the University of Illinois at Chicago in May of 2006. There, she worked with top names in international music, including Dr. Mary Goetze of the International Vocal Ensemble (Indiana University) and creator of Global Voices; Dr. Michael J. Anderson of the International Federation for Choral Music; and African composer Sheesby Matiure. When Jenne is not performing, she serves as a clinician, helping academic and professional ensembles allover the United States to develop an accurate performance of Celtic music in their programs. Jenne is also a skilled Native American flute player and appeared in an episode of MTV' s Stand In performing with Sting. She is also an active advocate and fundraiser for the Lakota Native American Tribe of South Dakota In addition, she has performed benefit concerts for both the Concern and One Charitable organizations, to raise awareness and funds for poverty and AIDs throughout the world. Jenne is currently hard at work on her debut album out in Spring/Summer 2010 through Glencoe Records, Jenne's Indie Record Label. All album and performance news can be found at



Written By: Jenne Lennon

Lost as I am, I'll never lose you
And, hopeless as I am, I still believe in you.

And, oh, my life is all I seek.
And, oh my dreams are all I need.
To run away. To fly away.

Hated as I am, I'll always love you
And, shamed as I am, my pride was always true.

And, oh, my life is all I seek
And, oh my dreams are all I need.
To run away. To fly away.

Senzenina (zulu-what have we done)


Going Back Home V. 11, Quickstar/Sony Productions

Celtic Dreams, Quickstar/Sony Productions (in production)

If The Spirit Moves You, Glencoe Records Summer 2010

Set List

Typical Set List is made up of the majority of original music by Jenne with a few covers of pop/rock music.


Flanders Fields
New Religion
Take Back
A Charm
One More Night
Open My Eyes
Cathedrals Falling
If The Spirit Moves You
I Am
Tragic Moon
I Love You
Terror Time

Mysterious Ways, U2
One, U2
Dust In The Wind, Kansas
When You're Falling, Peter Gabriel Featuring Afro-Celt Soundsystem
Run-Snow Patrol

Depending on the event/venue typical set can be anywhere from 45 min to 2 hrs.