Jenn Franklin

Jenn Franklin


"sultry, piano driven rock-pop ranging from Fiona-ish brooding to the eruptive intensity of Patty Griffin-- Flaming Red. Daring melodies with mellifluous notes. From the moment she opens her mouth, it's obvious that this is much more than the's infatuation."


Jenn Franklin brings a refreshingly uncontrived style, with a powerful vulnerability that is catching the ears of industry executives. "When I first heard that voice, I told Jenn to stay away from vocal coaches at all costs!...It would be like trying to improve on Tiger Wood's golf swing," Bart Herbison, Executive Director, Nashville Songwriters Association International, NSAI. "Jenn Franklin is a commanding performer who shines both on CD and live performance."-Madalyn Sklar,

2007 marked the August release of the 6-song EP, Errors and Admissions, on her own label, Animus 7 Music. The album is a collaboration between Franklin and Nashville writer/producer Peter Overton, a collection of poignant scenes which beautifully capture Franklin's vocal aptitude and artistry. Prior to her EP release, Franklin was invited to showcase at the 2006 SXSW music conference as well as International Folk Alliance, Dewey Beach Popfest, Diversafest, Midwest Music Summit, 2NMC, and the Nashville ASCAP Writers Series. She also appears on the nationally-distributed compilation CD: GoGirls Musicfest 2006.

This year, Franklin has begun work on her first full-length album produced by Jim Reilley, more widely recognized as the founding member of the New Dylans. All the songs are written by Franklin. "Our vision for the album is to capture more effectively what I do in live performance-and add the magic of some incredibly talented musicians, like Ken Coomer (formerly of Wilco), and Charlie Chadwick (Shelby Lynne, Steve Earle). I think the songs on this album are more of a close encounter than production alchemy-not to take anything away from E&A, which I'm really proud of-- but it's just how I'm evolving."

Jenn Franklin is a natural born singer, songwriter, composer and performer whose life experiences and unique voice come together to make uniquely powerful music. She began her professional performing career at twelve, belting out Metallica and Van Halen covers, in the local biker bars of Hays, Kansas. After discovering her passion for performing, she spent the next few years headlining local acts and developing her own personal style. Following influences from artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin, Fiona Apple, Patty Griffin, and Janis Joplin, Franklin's own music emerged as poignant and evocative, piano-based compositions. For Franklin writing and performing is a necessary act of transformation, as she puts her pain on paper: "I make powerful songs. I turn painful experiences into art and share the truths I discover in the process."



Written By: Jenn Franklin

The hollow of midnight
Finds me a ghost within these walls
I gave up a long fight
Now I can feel almost nothing at all

We gave it distance
We gave it everything we had
We chased the past away
But we could not change who we are
I don’t belong in your world
I don’t belong anywhere

So please don’t hold on
And please don’t be so strong
You were right
All along
I’m just too afraid
Something’s got to break
So please just let me fade

I watched the shadows
Stretching the hours across the floor
Taking away the memory
Of everything that came before
I don’t belong in your world
I don’t belong anywhere


Into the light that falls between
Into the space from you to me
Until this is only but a beautiful dream

What Took You So Long

Written By: Jenn Franklin

You’ve got a wicked wile
You’ve got a beautiful smile
I never knew the gate to hell
Could look so heavenly
I can’t seem to put you down
I can’t turn myself around
You’re my first drug of choice
The last thing I need

Here you come again
With that look in your eyes
That says you’re going to make
A mess of my life
Take my soul for ransom
Let the hostage die
You never fail to do me wrong
But I just want to know
What took you so long?

This heart is beaten down and torn
This heart can’t take anymore
But you know that I would burn it to ashes
To feel your fire again
This time I know all your moves
This time I’ve got nothing to lose
You left me like a crime scene
And you can’t keep away

Can you give me
Some kind of warning?
Before we collide
‘Cos I’m standing still
And I don’t know
If I’ll survive
But I’m dying trying


Jenn Franklin EP, Errors & Admissions -Released August 2007 on Animus 7 Music.

Girl Invisible, new album scheduled for Fall 2008 release

Set List

typically 45 minute to 1 hour set of all original.

Up to 2-hour showcase of original material.