jenn grinels

jenn grinels


Grinels has performed at nearly 300 colleges in just over 4 years, won numerous awards for her incredible performances & earned herself a reputation as "a mesmerizing performer with an incomparable set of pipes...if you have never heard Jenn Grinels, you are missing out."(Campus Activities Magazine)



Association of Programming and Campus Activites
2010, 2011, AND 2012!

"One of the greatest solo artists I've seen in the last decade!" - Archie Asar, Broward College Program Director

" . . . I was immobilized by awe, [Grinels] was amazing - and I was not the only one rapt with amazement and appreciation. [Grinels] makes an impact and its an utter pleasure and a gigantic honor to see her play. She shows the kind of professionalism and talent that stops people in their tracks. When she plays - hearts open. The gift she shares with the world shows us -- she knows how to hear the voice that tells us all what we were meant for. Anything that will share this gift with more people is something I'll be eager to support." - Vincent Lowe, (San Jose)

". . . Rising star, Jenn Grinels (is) an amazing solo artist who is one of the most powerful female singers I've seen in years." - 'On The Scene' w/ Kevin Wiggins, IconoMusic (Los Angeles)

" . . . her voice is just absurd. She also understands the importance of dynamic changes, and songs go from sultry whispers to soulful cries in like .3 seconds." - (San Francisco)

"Jenn Grinels always knocks 'em dead! . . . You heard it here first, folks - this chick is gonna be HUGE! . . ."
-'Our Picks Of The Week', Fahrenheit Magazine

"one of the most pleasant musical surprises I've had in a long, long time . . . an incredibly memorable, impassioned, and gorgeous set of music"
- 'Deserving of Discovery' Michael Boroff, (San Francisco)

"I'm totally impressed - [she's] superwoman!"
- Jon Lind, VP A&R Hollywood Records

Seattle based singer/songwriter Jenn Grinels continues captivating audiences everywhere with her powerful, supremely polished vocals. Her rare ability to bring a crowd to its feet and move them to tears, marks Grinels as a standout. In October 2007, Grinels gave up her California apartment and set out on a cross country tour armed with nothing but her guitar, a beautiful voice and a passion for music. What was originally planned as a 6 month tour ended up lasting more than 5 years! In that time, the indie artist has released two full-length albums, built a loyal fan base, won numerous awards for her electrifying live performances and shared the stage with a a variety of artists including Howie Day, the Avett Brothers, and Tristan Prettyman. Her music has been featured on MTV and several other major television networks and her single "Right From The Start" has been heard on radio stations nationwide. Grinels has taken the college market by storm, playing nearly 300 in just over 4 years, winning APCA Female Solo Artist in 2010, 2011, AND 2012. Last year she was named MUSIC ACT OF THE YEAR by Campus Activities Magazine. Indie Music Review Magazine named her on their list of "50 Acoustic Acts You Don't Want To Miss!" Wowing critics and enchanting fans with every performance, the self-descibed "soulful, bluesy, jazzy, folk rock singer" is taking the country by storm. Note to audiences everywhere - you don't want to miss this rising star!


no better

Written By: jenn grinels

i am spent
up and down
back and forth
the swing
is making me tire
my mind is on fire

my heart beats like a bird
because i can't help but absorb every word
and lately i have heard too much
and it is such
i cannot walk away from the cloud of disarray
following each word i gotta say
and everything that i know

when will i know better
when will know better?
when will the clarity eluding take over those that fetter?
when will i know,
when will i go,
when will i believe the best in me
is anything i deem to be true
more than him, her or you
i concede
its all more than i need

when will it be
that what's best for me
isn't always a democracy
when will i strike the poll
when will i take the role
of sole council
if i try to listen to myself
be more assured by what i feel
than what i've heard


i'm too soft
and too often willing
to hand it over
just so its over



brokenHEARTbreaker (2011)
little words (2007)