Jenn Grinels

Jenn Grinels


2007 Honoring Acoustic Talent: Best Performer and Best Vocalist Jenn Grinel's music has been described as “jazzy in it’s pacing, soulful in its delivery, heartfelt in its sensuous tone and poetic in the timing of the words”. Grinels songs have been featured on MTV's "Road Rules vs. Real World”.


Jenn Grinels first earned her reputation around Southern California for her stage work. The award winning, professional actress is well respected for her acting as well as her gorgeous set of pipes. After the release of her first full length album, she is one of the region's most critically lauded singer/songwriters. The self described "soulful, bluesy, jazzy, folk rock, singer/songwriter" has been touring the country since Oct. 2007, armed with only her guitar and copies of her album "Little Words".

With a voice that’s been described as “truly phenomenal” (S.D.CityBeat) and a sound that’s “jazzy in its pacing, soulful in its delivery, and heartfelt in its sensuous tone”(Full Value Reviews), touring artist Jenn Grinels has quickly built a loyal following that stretches from coast to coast. says “her voice is just absurd. Two artists kept coming to mind - Martin Sexton and Fiona Apple. Sexton because of her vocal focus & control; Fiona Apple because of her tell-off confessional and conversational lyrics, her penchant for complex rhyme schemes, and her powerful, listen-up-buster delivery.” The critically lauded artist has won numerous honors and awards, including 2007 Honoring Acoustic Talent Awards for both Best Performer and Best Vocalist. Music from her latest CD, “Little Words” was recently featured on MTV. The San Diego Reader puts it best: “She is the real, talented epitome of today’s best indie music.”

"Grinels began to sing and the whole room stopped breathing. She has a dazzling voice, Chrissie Hynde's mojo, Rickie Lee Jones' feel for the jazz in the spaces between notes and a unfailing sense of the dynamics called for in each moment." --- Southeast Missourian (Bluebird Cafe, Nashville)

"Stunning Vocals and Original Songs; Extraordinary New Discovery"
"Grinels' voice really has to be heard to be believed. It's jazzy in its pacing, soulful in its delivery, heartfelt in its sensuous tone . . . it will be interesting to see how the future unfolds for this soon-to-be legendary singer.----P.T. Rothschild, Full Value Reviews

"I was immobilized by awe, [Grinels] was amazing - When she plays - hearts open . . . she knows how to hear the voice that tells us all what we were meant for. " - Vincent Lowe,

Album Review:
"You know you are listening to something special when upon first hearing it, it instantly becomes part of your collective being and you feel like it always has been. The searing, emotional, soulful vocals are the driving force behind the record. Her sound is so arresting . . . when certain songs come on, you cannot help but stop what you are doing and listen intently."----William Peter George II, BTN Music