Jenn Haase

Jenn Haase


Jenn’s songs will touch your soul, capture your heart and leave you wanting more. They are her life experiences and spiritual awakenings.


Jenn was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and started performing at the age of 5 singing songs from various musicals. She was raised by a family of musicians, was handed a guitar at the age of 15 and taught herself how to play. My songs are my life experiences and growth! I have always listened to a wide range of music from Ella Fitzgerald to Metallica. I love music. I am real and down to earth and just want to play for others so they can enjoy music as well.


Currently I recorded a demo 6 song cd that anyone who comes to a show can buy for $5 other wise I will be going back into the studio to record a full length album along with other musicians.

Set List

Bitter Lies
Black & White
Patience (Cover)
I have a home
We Took the long Way
King Negativity
My sets are usually 30 minutes long