Jennie DeVoe

Jennie DeVoe


Bluesy/Soul/Pop. Jennie attracts all age fans. 4 cds, songs on tv/radio. Powerful performer -smart lyrics, great sense of humor & amazing voice. RIYL:Joss Stone, Janis Joplin, Ani DiFranco. True artist: voice described as honey-gravel, seven times her size. tour:


The winner of Billboard Magazine's 2004 World Song Contest for #1 Pop Song, has proven herself a force to be reckoned with, an authentic and unique songwriter with a quick wit, intelligent lyrics and an amazing soulful and free-spirited voice that utterly captivates. Her upcoming cd "Fireworks and Karate Supplies" was produced by John Parish in Bath, England with additional tracks by Paul Mahern. (John Parish is best known for producing Tracy Chapman, The Eels and PJ Harvey; Mahern for Over the Rhine and John Mellencamp). endearing soul-blues singer who radiates the vibe of a 21st century ² ower child. Her potent gospel voice tames any crowd she encounters. DeVoe is now inhabiting the dangerous, psychedelic space of icon Janis Joplin. Fireworks & Karate Supplies is an important and irresistible leap forward. Consider all DeVoe’s dues paid with this record.

- David Lindquist
Music Critic, Indianapolis Star

Jennie's own song style reflects her influences past and present, from Aretha & Zepplin to Patty Griffin & Tom Waits. A lover of a well-crafted and passionate song Jennie has set her standards high and carving out her own unique style with 3 prior cds that have won awards and appeared on major television shows such as Joan of Arcadia, Dawson's Creek,Time of Your Life . Corona Beer licensed one of her songs for a two year national radio campaign. Jennie describes her own style as a "hippie-soul-gospel- bluesy-folk-rock type thing." No matter what label you put on it, Jennie's music attracts fans of all ages and walks of life. The vibe she exudes during her live shows is clear evidence of the true love and passion she has for what she does. She draws you in to her world. She's simply likeable, endearingly human, yet with an amazing voice and songwriting insight. Press and Radio have begun singing Jennie's praises crediting her with having a 'honey-gravel voice seven times her size' and that she 'radiates the vibe of a 21st century flower child' and that "Simply stated, Jennie DeVoe is anything but simple. One of the most talented singer/songwriters to emerge from the Midewest, DeVoe is well on her way to taking the national music scene by storm."


"Does She Walk on Water" 1998 - cut "Miles Away" licensed to tv show 'Time of Your Life"; title cut licensed to tv show "Dawson's Creek"

"ta da" 2000 - Named Best Rock Album 2001 by Just Plain Folks; cut "How I Feel" won Billboard Best Song in Pop genre 2002; cut "Somebody's Daughter" named Best Rock Song 2001 by Just Plain Folks

"Thank You, Goodnight" - 2002 live album, live recordings from 6 different shows

"Fireworks & Karate Supplies" - 2004, recorded in UK w/ John Parish (Tracy Chapman, The Eels, PJ Harvey). Also recorded partially w/ Paul Mahern from the Zero Boys (produced: Mellencamp, Over the Rhine). This record is raw, moody, humorous

Set List

Jennie usually does 1.5 to 2.5 hour shows of her original music. She'll add in covers of other artists w/ her own take on a song - from Janis Joplin to Bobby Gentry to Etta James to Led Zepplin. Doing it in her own style makes any song she does blend into the show. She has opened main stage shows for everyone from Lucinda Williams, Jack Johnson, Susan Tedeschi, Joe Cocker, Edwin McCain....from blues, pop, soul and from all ages, Jennie's proven she has an appeal that spans age and genre appeal.