Jennie Mahood

Jennie Mahood

 Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

One laptop, an army of kooky sounds, some catchy laptop-folk songs, with one strikingly english voice and one surprisingly tall girl sums up Jennie Mahood and her music.


Hailing from London, England, Jennie Mahood never considered a career in music, playing in the school orchesta was the height of her musicial ambitions. It was only after 'surviving' a degree in psychology did she decide to take a year to do something she loved, and therefore took a flight to florida to study music for a year.

It was in this year that Jennie was first introduced to the technological capabilities of her laptop winston, and the ability to write and produce her own music. Having been a huge fan of electronic music such as imogen heap and more mellow acoustic music such as emiliana torrini, she was delighted to find that she could marry the two together creating her own 'laptop-folk'.

Her first song was written a week before her first gig in Feb 2010, she carried on writing songs throughout her year in america and then recorded all the songs she had, in a makeshift studio in her wardrobe. The result was that in 2010 she released her debut album 'Even Hills Have White Coats'.



Written By: Jennie Mahood & Ryan Alexander

Clementine how did we get this far?
I can’t even see the line we crossed
Let me wipe every trace of you from my mind
Won’t you disappear in time oh Clementine

Darling can’t you see you are the con in me
I am the sailors wife you are the raging sea
Everything thing that I own is floating in your hands
I watched you go

Look at the mess we made
Can't you see you're a mess

We were followed here by the things we did
With your memory I dug a shallow trench
I layed you down I filled the hole
and on your ghost I built this home
Our monument

Look at the mess we made
If you were a thief then I was a saint
A dreadful end to a clean escape
Why do I carry you around?

empty seats and crumpled sheets

Written By: Jennie Mahood

Empty seats and crumpled sheets we once occupied
Is this the one trace we left behind?
All I hope is that we've done enough to be out of sight
not out of mind

Don't you worry dear even if the world forgets us
I'll remember you

Sleepless nights, hands clasped tight
Did we do enough to win the fight?
All our hope, all our love that guides our hearts
shines best at night

Come a little close, we have nothing to fear
Hold a little tighter, won't you my dear

Change of Clothes

Written By: Jennie Mahood & Jonathan Clark

Like a rubber duck, this yellow skin
Is showing signs of wearing itself thin

Rain oh rain, please go away
and come again some other day

Like a sitting duck this tired heart
Can find no shelter from the looming storm

Rain oh rain, please go away
and come again some other day

I've been drowned, I've been soaked
tossed around and been choked
I've looked low and looked high for some reason why
And no with that i say maked these clouds dissapate
Can't you see i've no change of clothes

I see the tears I sent to heaven's hights
Is this the day they fall back from the sky?


Even Hills Have White Coats [2010]

Set List

Seven Days
Clementine [acoustic]
Watch the Sky Fall
Even Hills Have White Coats
The Least of Things
Coldest Night Darkest Day
Pretty Little Thieves
Empty Seats, Crumpled Sheets
Stormy Weather [cover]