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Jennie Stearns sings achingly beautiful songs drawn from the darker side of life. She tours The US and Europe casting a spell to any audience willing to allow her in.


Jennie Stearns is a classic American songwriter. By turns heartbreaking and hopeful, her songs are evocative, poignant and haunting. Quintessentially human. Her strong yet intimate vocal style and the vivid imagery portrayed by her lyrics gently draw the listener into her world. Despite the often sombre mood, you'll find yourself strangely at one with her perspective, akin to the intimate atmosphere of a late-night red-wine-confessional with a lifelong, much-loved friend.

While her earlier albums (1998's "Angel with a Broken Wing" and 2000's "Mourning Dove Songs") displayed the influences of the country / old-time music scene in her adopted hometown of Ithaca, it is "Sing Desire", her most recent release, that truly shows her blossoming talent. "Sing Desire" ventures boldly into new musical territory, and it is this album that has garnered acclaim from press and radio as far afield as the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and Japan.

“I’ve been drawn to dark and beautiful ballads ever since I was a kid. It’s the sadness that I sense I’m somehow connected to. There’s something soothing about the ballads, too, a desire to make everything ok”, she says. And while "Sing Desire" continues this obsession, it's tremendously adventurous in terms of its arrangements and production. Stearns credits much of this to her co-producer, Chad Crumm, who she teamed up with for his huge library of archived sound as well as his formidable musicianship and production skills. Crumm set glinting accents of sampled sound and unexpected instruments against Stearns’ low and lonesome vocals. Touches of spinet, muted cornet, moments of feedback, and even a lost fragment of an old Japanese television soundtrack add a sonic richness to her gentle singing without ever overshadowing it. The album also features Willie Watson (from band-of-the-moment Old Crow Medicine Show) singing two duets with Jennie.

So far Jennie's albums have all been self-released, sold via her website and at shows - very much a one-woman (and friends) cottage industry. Now though, as her two children get a bit older, she's looking forward to concentrating a lot more on her music career and is working to ensure that her next album will have full US and European distribution, proper press / radio promotion and tour support. "My next record is already nearly done," she explains, "and it's definitely the one I'm proudest of. Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams, Mary Gauthier, Slaid Cleaves) is producing it and playing on it. He's been a pure pleasure to work with and so supportive." Alongside Gurf, the album (provisionally titles "Shattered Glass And Roses") also features drummer Rick Richards (Slaid Cleaves), and Grammy winner Jim Lauderdale singing on two tracks. 2005 should be the year that Jennie Stearns takes her place alongside the Americana heroines she's so often compared to.


*Sing Desire released on Blue Corn Music Oct 2005
featuring duets with Willie Watson/Old Crow Medicine show
*Bird's Fall to be released early 2006 produced by Gurf Morlix/featuring Jim Lauderdale
HearMusic Vol. 8 : Between Stories (Starbucks compilation, 2002)
Anathema movie soundtrack (2002)
*Tin Roof Mystery (rerelease)/Live in Buffalo: Rich & Jennie Stearns (2000)
*Mourning Dove Songs (2000)
*Angel with a Broken Wing (1998)
*Running with Scissors: Live at the Rongo (1996)
Tin Roof ( 1994)
White Tape: Donna The Buffalo (1989)
We Are Each Other's Angels vol 1 & 2 Nov 03 (Compilation)
supporting 'Hungry for music' with June Carter Cash,
Ron Sexmith, Slaid Cleeves, Nancy Griffith, Iris Dement, and more.
Paste Sampler #3 (National Music Magazine) Nov 03

Sings on :
Madder Rose/Hello June Fool Cooking Vinyl 2001
Saint Low/Saint Low/Cooking Vinyl 2002
Mary Lorson and Saint Low/ Tricks for Dawn Cooking Vinyl 2003
Mary Lorson/Realistic 2006 Cooking Vinyl
Douglas September/IO 2000