Jennie Wayne

Jennie Wayne


My songs tend to be a combination of folk, traditional, with a hint of experimental. Many sweet sounds, quiet, a little sleepy, lovely. You want to close your eyes and snuggle.


My background is in fairly traditional folk, but I gravitate towards more experimental folk, sounds that push boundaries--Joanna Newsom is a big influence, in particular. I write songs that convey a feeling, lyrically--and create melodies that reitorate those feelings with a dreamy quality.
I have been playing music since age 7, beginning with piano and moving on to ukelele and then guitar at 12. Music became serious at age 14, and the first songs were written at 21. These songs seem to have a startling and dreamy effect on people--on many different occasions I managed to quiet a bar, gaining the attention of all the individual ears. I do my best to command attention through these songs on stage, which when done successfully seems to affect people right down to their hearts.


Songs By Jennie, self-released 2006

Set List

I usually perform about 7-8 songs at a gig:
You're Nowhere
Where I Lay Down
Sail Away Poor Boy
In The Park
Rest You Down
Get Back To Me
Hopeful, Hopeful

I do covers from time to time--primarily Patty Griffin, Jolie Holland, and the occasional Tom Waits.