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How You Say Goodbye

Written By: Jennifer Adan

How You Say Goodbye
I want candles
I want flowers by the bed
I want good ol’ Johnnie Walker waiting for me
I want music
Toby Keith will be just fine
So I won’t be alone when you leave
This is my heart you’re breakin’
So I should decide
How you say goodbye

Chorus: You gotta be, short and sweet get to the point
No baby it won’t fail
Cause I won’t be, sittin’ round while you bring me down
Yeah these tears are getting’ stale
I’m a, big tough girl so don’t go, lettin’ me down easy tonight
You better get it over with before I do, baby
Cause this is how you say goodbye

Don’t want excuses
Don’t wanna hear who’s to blame
To tell the truth I just don’t give a damn
Don’t want “I’m sorry”
Don’t sugar coat the words
So baby just grow up and be a man
I’m the one you don’t want in your life
So I should say how you say goodbye

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: I know getting over you slowly just won’t work
I’ve got to do it fast so the pain don’t last cause you’re the one who’s gonna be hurt
Baby, forget about the tears you think I’m gonna cry
Cause this is how you say goodbye

I want candles
Long stem roses by the bed
And “How Do You Like Me Now” turned up real loud
I want forever
In pieces at my feet
So you’ll feel guilty when I say get out

I should be the one who tells you how to leave
Yeah this is how you say goodbye