Jennifer Barnes with Sixth Wave

Jennifer Barnes with Sixth Wave

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A cappella vocal collective performing a wide variety of eclectic music, from jazz to contemporary pop to classical and everything in between -- if it's musically interesting and fun to listen to, we probably sing it!

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Life's Too Good To Sing The Blues

Written By: Jennifer Barnes

Oh, I've got a situation, yeah, somethin's on my mind.
Yeah I've got a situation and somethin's on my mind.
What I've noticed sure is troublin', and now I'm really in a bind.

You see, I love to sing the blues;
I love the sound, I love the feel.
Yeah, I love to sing the blues,
that mournful sound and greasy feel.
But if I'm gonna be honest,
I've gotta tell you what is real.

I’ve got a real good man,
Who shows me good love,
I’ve got a house to call my home,
And I know a gracious God above.

Got a little girl who’s sweet
From morning ‘til night,
And the sunny weather where we live,
It suits me just right,
So I’ve got the blues because
My life’s too good to sing the blues!

(Improvised solo)

When the sun comes up,
At the start of each new day,
I just add up all my blessings
And the blues go right away.

Thought my bank account ain’t fat,
It doesn’t bother me,
‘cuz I got what really matters
in my friends and family,
So I got the blues because
My life’s too good to sing the blues!

TAG: Well, they say it ain’t right
To be feelin’ this good
While I’m singin’ the blues
But whether I shouldn’t or should
Yeah, I got the blues because
My life’s too good to sing the blues!

Kindred Souls (Cerebral Thoughts)

Written By: Jennifer Barnes

Lyrics to "Kindred Souls (Cerebral Thoughts)", music by Cyrus Chestnut, vocal arrangement by Jennifer Barnes:

Spinning around in my cluttered mind,
So many questions running free.
I just can't let go.

What are the answers that I will seek and find?
They say the truth will set you free,
I hope that's so.

How can it be wrong?
Seems I've waited for so long
for the one who could be forever with me.

How can I stop trying to control
the pairing of our kindred souls?
I don't know.


"Happy Madness", Singularity Records, release date November 1, 2008.