Jennifer Bradner

Jennifer Bradner


Rockabilly mixed with r&b + remix of rap, bluegrass, and Bob Marley with a bit of Rusted Root with a side order of Cindy Lauper...


On my 25th b'day I purchased a guitar. One year later I learned the G chord. One year later I learned 2 songs. One year later I learned a few songs. Jan 8, 2005 I played in front of a live audience. I didn't pick her up again for 12 months. Two weeks ago I took a 10 day sebatical from my accounting job. I watched Walk The Line. I wrote 4 songs and learned 20 more. I have so much to learn but I can really smack it around. I love it. I have never been happier in my life. 10 days... all one needs... I am for sure a late bloomer...but Wisdom comes with ages, and one needs wisdom to reach people with their music. I have good stories to tell. I am a story teller with background music.


Lord it's Hard...(to love 2 men); Estos es para mis amigos; Caroline and Adail; Jesse Lou, your my girrrl.

Set List

I start with "I'll Fly Away" (Church Hym Cover), "Lord it's Hard", "Long Way Home" (Norah Jones), "Estos es para mis amigos", "Bessime Mucho" (Diana Kraul), "Love Song" (Chris Issac), "Bag Lady" (Erika Baydou), "Caroline & Adail", "As you are" (Nirvana), "Let's Just Kiss" (Manhattens), "Jesse Lou, You're my girl" 10-11 Songs, 60 minutes.