Jennifer Brantley

Jennifer Brantley

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Song craft is the key ingredient in Jennifer's material. Her lyrics and vocal melodies twist and turn bringing to mind that lost soothing warmth that can be heard in voices like Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris and Carol king. Contact us at 615-715-4361


Jennifer has just finished a new 6 song CD produced by former Allman Brothers Band
member Johnny Neel. The CD features an uncut, unrecorded song written by Hank Williams Sr. and Glen Douglas Tubb. The lyrics of “Heartbroken Forsaken and Alone” were given to Glen my Hank’s first wife, Audrey Williams. Glen finished the song but couldn't’ come to terms with Hank’s publisher Acuff Rose, until just a few months ago. Glen let Jennifer be the first to record it after hearing her sing at a Nashville party.

Jennifer is also a cast member on the Nashville Traditions syndicated radio show. The show will feature bluegrass and traditional country artist and will be taped before a live audience in Bell Buckle TN.

Jennifer also hit #1 on Reverbnation's Hot 100 Country Charts this year. The featured song on her page was "Heartbroken Forsaken and Alone."

Jennifer and her Band have been playing the Eastern U. S. hot and heavy for the last 3 years. Playing stages large and small, Jennifer has honed her act to near perfection. Jennifer has shared the stage with Razzy Bailey, The Oak Ridge Boys, John Michael Montgomery, Steve Forbert, Tanya Tucker and others. Jennifer has made numerous radio station performances and interviews, including three on WSM 650 AM at night- reaching 47 states and parts of Canada. She also played the second longest running radio show in the world, The Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, as Razzy Bailey’s guest. Also, she played to one of The Little Nashville Opry’s largest Friday night crowds ever.

In 2007 she finished her second solo CD. The CD was in rotation on over 140 radio stations in the US and abroad and one singe charting to #56 on NMW Country Charts.
The CD was produced by Bil VornDick who has worked on Grammy-winning recordings and 43 Grammy finalists. Though Bil is best known as the producer who developed Alison Krauss, he has also worked with Bob Dylan, Bela Fleck, Ralph Stanley and many others. In 1998, he produced “Clinch Mountain Country” one of the largest collaborative recorded projects in Nashville that was awarded #1 Country Album of the Year by Rolling Stone.

The CD featured Nashville guitar hero Johnny Hiland and fiddle legend Aubrey Haney. Radio liked it too. Blonde Girls was released to country radio in July and went to #53 on the New Music Weekly charts. The CD itself was also released to Americana radio and was in rotation on over 163 stations world wide and is still getting play.

In 2007, Jennifer was also nominated for Americana Female Singer/songwriter of the Year for the Los Angles Music Awards

Jennifer always worked hard playing and writing constantly and yes some of her efforts have paid off. In 2006, she has been selected by Clear Channel Radio for its new artist promotion campaign called NEW!

She has won two Honorable Mention Awards in Billboard's World Songwriting Contest. She has sold over 5,000 tapes and CDs, selling 2500 in seven months at performances alone. She has received radio play from independent stations throughout the U.S. and even Hawaii. She has played in front of crowds of over 4,000 in venues in California and the South. She has played the Thunderbird Theatre in Branson, MO, and numerous shows at The Ernest Tubb Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville.


Somebody's Somebody

Written By: Jennifer Brantley Lisa Shafer & Gerald Smith

There she's sitting in her family room
With her brother, sister and mother and her daddy too
All of a sudden they all disappear
and she's back in her room at the Safe Haven Orphanage
Just her and her tears
She want to be Somebody's Somebody
not just in make believe
Somebody'e little girl some momma's whole world
all she want to be is somebody's somebody
Right down the street there's a woman in a nursing home.
Wanting somebody to drop by and say hello
She had a lot of friends but most of them are gone
and her kids dont realize how much she sits there alone.
She wants to be somebody's somebody
a friend is all she needs
to talk to now and then make her feel alive again
all she want to be is somebody's somebody
At the school on the corner
there'a a boy with special needs
hes got a heart of gold but he still gets teased
He just want to fit in thats all he'd like to do
He just wants to be treated like me and you
He wants to be Somebodys somebody
loved uncondtionally treated with respect
not differant from the rest
all he wants to be is sombody's somebody
somebody's somebody


The Little Things
Jennifer Brantley - The Other Side,
Jennifer Brantley two tracks on internet radio and
one track hit #1 on

Break Down

Set List

Typically we play two 50 minute sets can do more. Most of what we is vintage country with a twist.

The Little Things
I Hope It's Raining
I hate Goodbyes

Did It For you

Sound of Lonely
State Im IN
Picture This
Fast Train
Nothing Wrong
Lost Soul
Passenger Side

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Blue Eyes
Two more Bottles of Wine
6 Days on the Road
Once A day
It's Four in the Morning

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