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Jennifer Damere

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Band Rock Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Nashville Review"

From The Spit Cup, Nashville's #1 Resource for independent musicians. Written by Winslow Leech:

... uh yeah right Leech, nobody visits your damn site anymore!

Hmmm, well OKAY! Many greetings to YOU who has graciously taken the time to stop by my website and see what garbage I have to write about!

Ok so anyway!!! Let's talk about a show from an out-of-town band called Jennifer Damere, (yes, I know... it's a females name, but the band is called Jennifer Damere... look, don't ask ME why... ask them!)... Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to see bass slinging/vocalist Jennifer Damere and her band perform at the Hair Of The Dog club down on Wedgewood. Ok first things first... it was a Sunday and there were other shows going on that night, most notably at The Muse where I bet the majority of you people were at! That's ok, Jennifer and her band still put on a good rockin' set for the few of us that were present. The lack of individuals at the show did not stop them from struttin' their stuff and showcasing their material...

Yep, this trio came all the way down from St. Louis to play a show, sounds familiar doesn't it? Musicians that drive many many MANY miles and play to a half empty (if not completely empty) hall! POUT!...

... but did that stop them? I think not, cuz Jennifer, Eric (The 6 String Machine) and his brother/drummer, who's name I cannot recall (go ahread sue me!) put on an hour long set, which started off with an extremely cool cover of She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult. Don't get me wrong peeps, some of you heard their CD Bellwether, but trust me, it sounds better live and raw. Sometimes it just happens, a recording just cannot capture the true escence of a band. Personally, I think Jennifer Damere and Company and a great live band and the CD can use a bit of work... but what the hell, it's all rock and roll and we all had a great time... and the entire set was dedicated to me... well, it was!

Now, Jennifer Damere is the namesake of the band, but this is not a solo artist people, no... Jennifer and her band are a trio which feeds off each other onstage and no one outshines their counterparts. A well oiled, greasy machine... and with songs entitled Wet and Freaks you can see that this band ain't shy about what they wanna sing about either. I applaud their honesty and commitment to their musical standpoint,and like Jennifer said, it's not for everybody, some people will like it and some will hate it... just like every other friggin' unsigned band on this planet!

My brother Mike met guitarist Eric on Napster, where this guitar god went by the handle Roxtar... ummm, ok. Anyway, to make a long story short, my bro made them some t-shirts and all that good stuff and is now a distributor of the wise teachings of Roxtafarianism, so if any of you dudes and dudettes wish to know a little bit more about what gear you can use to achieve what sound and yadda yadda yadda, become a Roxtafarian or a Jennifer Damere Official Groupie and visit their website at JenniferDamere.Com and partake in this venture into the sights and sounds of the music from up in St. Louis, MO. ...yeah yeah I know they ain't local, but hell neither am I... I am a Puerto Rican Redneck for chrissake!

All I know is that I made some new friends in Jennifer and Eric, so rock on JD and don't pay attention to message board drama, hell... it's all publicity and one way or another we will all be remembered, weather they like it or hate it. You said it best on your posts, keep up the good work and attitude darlin', see ya when you come back to Nashville.

Alrighty Then!!! I guess this is it for The Good, The Bad and The Drooling. Go ahead and send any questions, comments, thanks, threats, and love or hate emails to


Bellwether, the first EP by Jennifer Damere was recently released. The songs can be listened to by streaming audio on Jennifer's website.

They can also be sampled at

Digital Downloads are available on and

Currently, tracks are receiving online radio airplay at under the stations Mystical Gate Radio and UGR Radio. UGR is an independent radio station based out of Melbourne, FL.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rock music is about to take on a new form with Jennifer Damere's album "Bellwether." The combination of her voice and Eric C. Pfeiffer's guitar escapades brings new light to the people's ears that they have desired for a long time. Her music intertwines present day trends with influences of rock, punk, and R&B of the past. She's a dichotomy of emotion and drive that inspires all generations.

Jennifer's success comes from blending driving, rockin' new songs, on-stage showmanship, and giving her fans what they want. Backed by a team of experienced and talented musicians, she and her band have a trademark and talent that not many bands of today can claim. Jennifer is all about a rock 'n roll attitude and bringing the life back into the genre. She's a high-energy musician who inspires people to get up and have a good time.

Jennifer's new CD, "Bellwether" was released in the Spring of 2004. Since then, the CD has become available for sale at The CD and songs may also be downloaded at and Additionally, there are nearly 30 digital download sites that the CD has been distributed to and will be available soon (thanks to!) In St. Louis, the CD may be purchased at Vintage Vinyl, Slackers and Sound Revolution. In case you're wondering, Bellwether means one who initiates new trends.

Much effort goes into song arrangement and all the details that are needed to make a song solid as well as make a show solid. You're not going to see a group of people onstage that look like most other bands--like they just got out of bed and wearing the same clothes they slept in. Oh no, this band believes that fans come to see a show and expect a show. The fans pay to be entertained, not to watch a bunch of guys in dirty T-shirts. Every detail of the journey that begins with the concept of a new the final set the overall stage presence is just as important as the other.

By the end of September, look for a deployment of her website's redesign.

To even try to list all of our influences would take a few web pages. To list the most popular between the band mates:
Steve Stevens/Billy Idol
Motley Crue/Nikki Sixx
Led Zeppelin
Van Halen