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Jennifer Dent


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Welcome Home

Written By: Jennifer Dent

We grew up together you and I. I told you all of my secrets
Every morning, every night I would pray to You,
But somewhere a long the way, I seem to have lost my faith
I can’t hear You say. . .

Come back home my child I miss you.
How I long to hold you again
Come back home my child, I love you.
Come back home. Come back home

It doesn’t matter how far I run, or where I go
You’ve been there, through it all, even when I was lost
I was blind and could not see, you were there running to me
Then I hear you say

Welcome home my child, I’ve missed you.
It’s so good to hold you again
Welcome home my child, I love you,
Welcome home. Welcome home.

It doesn’t matter who you are
It doesn’t matter where you’ve been
He’s right there, Let Him in
And he’ll say…

*return to 2nd chorus

**Final Ending..
Welcome Home.


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